Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Stamp Show

The Return! Yes, we paused for a moment to have our photo taken ,(thank you Steven) after a long, long day at the Novi Stamp show. Tired, happy, giddy with all the "new" rub-bah stamps. Trying to ignore our very, very, very empty pockets. We went, we saw, we spent! Now we sit and compare, what we each purchased, seeing how many of us gravitated to the same stamps, and what we missed, (which by the look of it wasn't much). This year was better, more like the ones Auntie Amy used to host. Not that we stopped for any "make and takes", but more stamps .......and then we all blew our budget at the "Invoke" booth. I can only imagine how much worse it would have been in Paper-bag Studios had been represented there. It was a good day, I can tell because it seemd to go by so fast. Too bad that Vicky opted for the Tiger game...she played it safe. So ladies, (in order left to right) Kim, Nancy, and Terri, (me last) thank you for helping to make it a great day. I can't wait to use my new stamps!


Terri said...

Are you kidding me.... does that post really say 2:28 AM!
Well, it's all true. A great time was had by all! And we did miss not having Vikki with us. I have collected all my receipts to total up the damage...but I still haven't brought myself around to actually doing it.
What do they call that..oh yeah... Queen of DeNIle

Terri said...

Ok I freaked out a bit about the time of the posting. So then I scrolled through your older posts to see what times they were posted. A lot of your posts are done in the we hours of the morning. So I see this is normal for you. Sorry for freaking out.
Ok I'm still freaking out but not as bad. ;)

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for the Mixed Media invite! I was at the same show in Novi, last minute invite from a girlfriend. My first time there, I was totally blown away! ~Diane (DCRU DT) <(*<*)>