Monday, November 17, 2008

Journal Making

Aren't these nice? Saturday I attended a "Journal" making class at Terri's. We were treated to a homemade breakfast of buttermilk pancakes, breakfast casserole, and hot coffee. I met a couple new students of Terri's, Rose and Ilsa, two very enthusiastic ladies Terri's has met along the way. Along with Kim, Nancy, Therese, and myself we were guided through making signatures, working with modeling paste, and faux metal techniques.
I would like to mention that I have taken a journal making class before, one where I made a journal from a pair of gloves and I was so frustrated, confused, and disappointed that I thought I might never try it again. I must to say that this class was the exact opposite. I had a great time, and my head began to immediately race with thoughts of making more of them.
Originally taught by Jackie Sullivan, Terri put her own spin on a few things, and had everything prepared for us. We all walked out with great looking journals and feeling lucky to have been a part of this class.
Thanks Terri!


Terri said...

No... thank you! and thank you for coming... for taking some pictures and posting this one.
As you know I used it for my blog. Giving you the full credit. But I cropped it, lightened it a bit and added a frame around it. So it's an original now...I tea cupped it. ;) I know I crack my self up.

Jennifer Williams said...

Awesome journals! I just want to reach out and touch the front cover.

Jann said...

These journals are so pretty--are these the ones you made? Just lovely!