Monday, December 8, 2008

Latest Journal Pages!!!!!

My page(s) in my journal done for me by Terri. My name means "bee" in Hebrew and my last name is spelled close to "abielle" (which I think is bee in french). Combine that with my constant reference to being a "Queen" and you have  delightful and enchanting pages. In my "favorite" color robins egg blue and lots of "bling" Terri took it over the top!!! The Puppy "fairy" in this page is my girl "Nuala". She is one of my three Yorkies (I love the breed). She had to improvise my other two "Bailey and Cookie", but she got their personality captured using other puppy images. I hope to show to show all my pages, so many talented ladies have graced it with their own brand of "artistic flair". It is gorgeous to say the least!!!!
And this page is well, all about ME of course, the "Queen Bee"
Here she made Bailey Bee (the sulking bee near the leaf).... While Cookie Bee looks for a toy!


Her Art Nest said...

Deb, These pages are so sweet. I think they are you!!! Terri did an outstanding job. Just so dorable.

Jann said...

How very beautiful!