Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yes!!! Number 41! Come on over and Claim Your Prize!!!
For those of you playing the home edition the winner, Number 41, is Connie at the "Altered Route". Connie will be receiving "The Flying Girl".
But Wait! There were so many nice people out there 328 that entered to win the one prize. "One Prize???" I don't think so.
Not if this guilt ridden Catholic Gal has anything to say about it!
Announcing the "BONUS ROUNDS", yeah you heard right. Due to the overwhelming response I am picking two, yes TWO more Winners!!! They are numbers...
247 and 118
That would be Francine Cronos and Betzie! Now I know you are asking "What do they win?"
Behind door number one we have:
A pretty hand-painted (by me) little Valentine what-not. Perfect for those little "love taps" on Valentines, or any other time you just want "tap" someone you love. and Behind door number two: A lovely little hand-painted porcelain egg-shaped box, (painted again by me). Where you can stash trinkets, or small candies. Who gets what you ask? I don't know, the first one to respond to my email will get first pick. I feel much better now, I gave everyone three chance to win. This was so much fun I think I may do it again soon. Thank you EVERYONE who commented, it was so uplifting to hear all the support and compliments. So many talented people, gave so much and shared even more. Thank You Lisa for all your hard work. Please stand up and take a bow! You deserve that, and more!


Renee said...

Well, I know two ladies that must be thrilled that you are Catholic.

Nothing beats us wanting to do the right and best things.

Love you. Renee

Altered Route said...

WOW!! That's Super! I just love the Flying Girl the minute I saw her back in January. I will send you an e-mail!!
Thank-You Thank-You!!!

Betzie said...

Hi Deb!!!
Here I am again!!! Am so happy to have won...I never win anything...and I love your painting, so thanks again for adding the bonus prizes!!!

KeKe said...

Cute blog. I'm bummed that I missed your give away. You're a terrific painter.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back again!

Hugs, Kelly

Angela Harris said...

Love your headline. Well most of it. Hillarious & true! I also love the way you circled the winners number on a bingo card. So creative. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my site for the One World one Heart giveaway. Because I wanted to be able to give everyone a giveaway gift I've discounted all of my Etsy shop items by 20% until March 1st.
I'll be back to say hello!
Your new blog buddy
Angela Harris

Jann said...

Congrats to the winners--your blog posts are such fun to read! Boy, another fellow guilt-ridden Catholic? There are lots of us out here!!!!!!!!! (I still love my faith, though. . .) Smiles, Jann

Altered Route said...

The Flying Girl has flown in and she is just wonderful!! I love her and she has a prominent place on my art wall here in the studio. Thankyou so much!!