Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Back!

Yes, Mariana de la Noche is back on Univision! Yes and although it is halfway through the series, I am still going to watch it. I saw it the first time it was on and really enjoyed it. It was the first time I saw this guy, Cesar Evora. I love his deep voice. I was hooked. This was the second Telenovela I followed. I don't speak the language, but you really don't need to, you can figure it out if you watch long enough. I even learned a few words and phrases watching (I keep a Spanish/English dictionary handy). If you really want to know what's happening there is a site called "Caray Caray" ( where people translate and give you a synopsis. Now I warn you ,these people at Caray Caray are funny, and you will often get their commentary along with the story. So if you like "overly dramatic" (yeah a whole lot of crying, men and women, and over the top acting) you will like this. I recommend it. Next to La Madastra, it is my favorite one so far...... Oh did I mention Cesar is in La Madastra too?....... Here he is again, although later in the show he is shaven, much better..
How about this guy? Jorge Salinas, yeah he makes this telenovela easy to watch too..... Here is another one for you.....mmmmmmm
Things that fascinate me about Telenovelas:
The women all have a lot of makeup (even some of the nuns)
They always have a priest at some point in the story
They always have the Lady of Guadalupe at some point in the story
Both they guys and ladies cry (yeah I know we have a lot of that in our soaps, but I think they do it a lot more often)
They always have a happy ending (okay at least every one I have seen), the bad guys get caught and punished, or are forgiven, and the "true loves" are together in the end. Which is another reason to watch!
Oh, I hope you are home or have Tivo, it's on at 1:30 pm est.

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Renee said...

I am so out of it I don't even know what a telenovel is.

But some pretty nice views.


By the way my mother and her friends were nothing like that either.

Love Renee xoxo