Friday, July 17, 2009

Terri, Lavender Fest, and Birds.

So my friend Terri ( ) called me earlier this week asking if I would join her, and go to the Lavender Festival in Ray Township. I have to say it was a beautiful day for it. However, there wasn't much there I could afford (except the honey, and a couple of lavender plants). Still we had a nice time, and they did have some very creative and beautiful items. Terri and I decided to leave and go check out the sidewalk sales in Romeo. We found these lovely lotions, and the "Lavender" chocolates (pictured below) at a shop called Gabriel's Garden. They had a booth at the Lavender Fest too, but we could not get around in it to see everything. The store was much nicer and not as crowded.  We stopped for lunch, then off to check out all the sales. After Romeo we stopped off at Marcial's Greenhouse. They have lovely eye candy, neat decor items, as well as plants and garden items. We didn't buy anything, but had fun looking and playing with their kitten. On the way home my daughter Kim called me to tell me they were having sidewalk sales in Rochester too! 
So off we went to downtown Rochester. We walked, shopped, and stopped in 'Beyond Juice" for great fruit smoothies. Terri found herself some sunglasses. I found a clock, and some china figures (five pictures below) for half off at the local resale shop. I thought I should share some photos. Although I took "none" when we were out, I did take a few here at home. First, the items I bought at Gabriel's Garden.......
Below is the beautiful Seth Thomas clock I found today in Rochester, at WhoRu resale shop,everything except furniture was half off ( and it was a good deal at full price). I wound it and it works! It is keeping time and it chimes.  The key, and pendulum were intact. It's in great condition too!  The two bottles in front contain the Blueberry Honey, and Lavender Honey I bought at the Lavender festival today. They also had a Peach and Lemon flavor,( I have already have a lemon honey) the Peach has a medicinal taste to it (yuk), and well, the blueberry tastes just like blueberries which made it a clear choice for me! I can't wait for a cup of tea (for the Lavender honey) and a hot biscuit with the Blueberry honey. Yum!
I thought I would share with you a few "bird" items from my collection. A bank (my daughter Steph bought me from a sale she found), a wall pocket with a parakeet(from my older post, my honey bought it for me), and an unusual swan I found. I fell in love with the beautiful flowers on her. They are so much prettier than in this photo
Do you see the neat swan (I think it's a swan?) watering container? Very cool, and rare, I love it. Oh, and a few of my "Jummel's". The doves are a "perfume" lamp. You place a drop of perfume or oil in the little well located in the back, and when you turn on the night-light it warms the perfume, releasing the scent, cool huh? I have another one upstairs. It is a carriage with birds on it.
I had found the tiger "salt & pepper set" a couple years ago at a sale. Then today when I was out with Terri in Rochester I found a Lion, Elephant, and Cheetah. I think they blend right in. Hey this could be a new collection..... zoo animals? (Good lord stop me.....)
To think this all started with a single Canary salt shaker. Yes, a salt shaker in the shape of  a sweet little bird. I used to raise, breed, and sell Canaries many years ago. The Canaries were a lot of work, but they sang so lovely. These birds are much easier to keep. (and if I miss the bird-song, I have a tape I can play)
I also have a collection of "Hummel" look-a-likes that were made in Japan. I lovingly refer to them as my "Jummel's". Now I know what your thinking, do I really need one more collection? No? I guess I just cannot stress enough the whole "illness" thing can I?
Look! The little yellow bird figure below is a whistle!
The two pale green swans below are actually candle holders. Occasionally I find something non-bird that I just love, like Mr Squirrel (I had started collecting them for Kim, we tease her about them. She loves "owls" but I often give her squirrels. Just because I can), or like the little skunk toothpick holder in the above picture,  and isn't that a squirrel toothpick holder there too? I do believe it is.
Even more bird-y goodness here. You know I have only ever bought the "same bird" once? Really, don't ask me how I manage to remember what I have, I just do.
Somehow this nutty gator managed to make his way into the cabinet? He has a thermometer in the front, well at least we know the temp "inside" the cabinet!
Okay, I am just going to repeat,  it's an illness......
This is the cabinet where all, okay, many...most....uh, some of my birds reside. Although you have seen that some have migrated to other parts of my home. (I also have a 20 gal tub packed with them downstairs. I never unpacked when we did not move. Perhaps also a box or two....I know one had my duck lamp in it.... okay, one more time, say it with me ..."ILLNESS")
I warned you. To be fair though, the whole top shelf has china on it (which has spilled over from the cabinet in the dining room... we won't go there, at least not today). There are a few cups a butter dish, a creamer, and a cute "squirrel" teapot on it. I didn't take photos of the bottom shelf, it was getting to be a bit much, even for me.


Beedeebabee said...

Oh my goodness! That cabinet is a real treasure chest!! I love it all!!! Paulette :o)

Terri said...

But wait there's a little bit more...where's the two little owl's you found to add to your bird collection? They were very sweet.
Great post about the day!
I had a blast checking eveything out.

Renee said...

Debra I have to say that when I got to the china cabinet full, I had a good laugh.

Debra, my nephew had his biopsy yesterday so it will probably take up to a week.

I hope that when we find out exactly what it is that if it is anything like your son's that my sister can write and talk to you.

Love Renee xoxoxo

The Victorian Parlor said...

You are too funny! I think many of us suffer from the same collecting illness known as 'collectoholics'-lol! The problem is that once you start one collection others develop and then before you know it you're collecting everything! HeeHee! Your collections are lovely:).

I love the Seth Thomas clock! What a great find (old clocks are one of my collections:).



icandy... said...

What a sweet place you have here!!!! Wowza... collections, I think it's a sickness... at least in my case! LOL!!!!!

Happy day!
Christina :)