Monday, April 19, 2010

Can You Believe?

I have been away so long. I am afraid I have been so busy that I have neglected you you my blog. There has been so much I waned to say. Things that have made the last few weeks tense, exciting, sad, and frustrating. I have not written because by the end of day I am so tired that writing about the events seems too daunting a task.
My daughter came back from her honeymoon and has settled in with her husband Pat. They came over two weekends ago with news about their wedding photos. It seems the photographer "lost" them all! Yes the story is that she had not bothered to download them from her camera. She attended an art show and left her bag in the office where someone had "stolen" the disc with their pictures on it. Yeah, right. Like any photographer would carry some one's photos for over two weeks and then the only thing that was stolen was the disc? Steph cried, I was so upset. We have been calling anyone that attended and asking them to share photos they took. My employer in the meantime had announced two days before the wedding that he was changing payroll software programs and that he was ending our 401(k).
I have been sick with a cold since two weeks before the wedding, and just when I thought I was getting better, It made a return appearance. I still have the cough, but am much better.
Our youngest daughter has decided to move out. She wants to go to Kalamazoo College and plans on moving down there this summer. She has been looking for work and has an interview this week. Of course I am worried, I don't know how much we will be able to help. Its a good two hour ride from our house.
The church next door has decided to expand their parking by tearing down the house that backs up to ours, so they have been banging and making a mess all weekend. Work has been slow for Steven and myself so we plan to use this time to do some projects around the house. I want to do all my spring cleaning, so we are tackling a room or two each weekend. I want to paint a couple of the too.
I have been keeping myself busy. I made two mini albums, and I don't scrapbook. I am fascinated with them because they are more like altered art books than the typical scrapbooks and I love that. I also make these pretty paper flowers and have been having fun with sizzix dies, and all the possibilities!
I am going to be better about posting, I do miss my blog friends and although I have not posted I am here, lurking and checking out other blogs. I want to share with you soon some of the fun things I have been up to.

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Terri said...

Wecome back to blog land..I can see alot has been going on. Looking forward to the fun things!