Thursday, October 7, 2010

PeTiTe "GhOuL"

I have taken Ms Suzi-blu's Mermaid class. I took her first class a couple years ago, as well as others, and really enjoy them. I have not posted my Mermaid drawings, but I have a couple ready to start. However, soon it will be Halloween and I have been inspired to create a "PeTiTe GhOuL" for the occasion. My other Halloween Kitte Girl sold and I was asked to create another painting for the Holiday. I am also a big fan of Tim Burton, and found myself creating what looks like a hybrid of Suzi/Tim type character. I love her. Here you see the beginnings. She has been transferred to the wood and her face has been started.....
A couple layers done....and some black glitter and she is off to a great start. Yes several more layers to go, and then to paint the trim. I gave her pale skin a greenish/gray hue, and she has "pumpkin" orange eyes. Little skull earrings and some spiderweb (complete with spiders) trim.
I will be working on her tomorrow, so much more to do yet. Things to add, and painting the trim. It is hard to get a good photo because the trim at the top does not allow the piece to lay flat so scanning it is difficult. I will take better photos when she is done. Then you can see the sparkly glitter on her dress!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, you are making such a lovely job of her, love all the colours and little details :-)

Must catch up on Skype soon x

Pretty Things said...

So, so awesome. I just love your work!