Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Rainy Day

Many had Monday off for Labor day, but not I. I never have, you see I do the payroll for a company and it has to be done and sent out Tuesday morning. Also it's month end and when a lot of reports are done and sales accounted for, so I work. No biggie because I get today off. Yeah and a good thing too. It's rainy and cool. Perfect for doing things at home, and making soup.
What else to do? How about working on my friends journal book? I am making two pages for hers, and she for mine. We started these last year and they are incomplete. She called me and asked if i would consider doing a couple pages. I chose Halloween. It's one of my favorites.I love the colors, and imagery. It's candy day for the kids, and "eye" candy day for me! I am using a couple digital sheets I bought from Seneca Pond Scraps, here is a picture of the work in process.
In a somewhat premature "ta-da" here is my dress-form the one I posted about below. She has her cage back. Yes, a little bent (it was much worse), but re-welded and re-attached. You see the new finial, and I decided to stained her. She had a lot of marks, and although I repaired the neck. replacing the material and cap, it just didn't look right. The staining pulls it together and makes it all look original. Yet it has worn and used feel to her I really like. Fits with her rusty, bent cage.
Here she is from the side. I still need to cut the pipe down, or adjust it, since she's a bit too tall. We are scouting for new wheels for the base, since two appear to be bent. For now though I am considering her done.
She is very cool, a thinner compliment to my other dress-form. I will bring her upstairs and use her to display my work. Steve also surprised me by making a finial for my other form with a brass doorknob, but I will share that another time.


Anonymous said...

Oooh Deb the Pages look fab and your dressform girlie is looking fab with her new darker look :-) very very nice!

Lollyrot said...

I miss watching your videos Deb! i m hungry now:-s i want some soup too! the dress form is a treasure!