Sunday, March 9, 2014

Swap with Carollyn

I had just [posted my swap with Virginia Retro. I had a couple comments and one was from Carollyn (Carollyns Tatting Blog). She had thought I was posting to join a swap, and I messaged her to say that no I had just received my part of the swap. Well after a few messages we decided to swap, She really seemed to like my Mouse "Spoolie" I had made. We decided to do a casual swap.

No real deadlines, although I believe the end of the month (February) was what we had agreed upon, not sure maybe March? Needless to say I have a lot going on. I am going to be a "Grand-Mother" for the first time This year and I had to get this done and out. Need to start the plans for baby shower, and such.

I decorated a large cigar box to place the mouse/pincushion in. Carollyn didn't specify a particular color but mentioned she liked Victorian. Well so do I, which for me meant I could embellish to my hearts content. Break out the dark red glitter, the velvet, the sparkles...

The box slides open and she can use it later to store some treasures.....

Here is her most royal majesty, the Queen. Upon her velvet throne/pincushion.
 Next to little gift boxes that hold some tatting treasures...
I made her a "Tat-alaine", a take on a Victorian Chatelaine. Her instead of sewing items I made her one that will hold one of the picot gauges (I made those from allan wrenches that I soldered onto rings), a crochet hook pendant (I made by adding it to a lovely natural stone), and a large clasp on one end for a pair of small scissors.
I soldered a charm with her name on one side and a small tatted motif on the other. She just drapes it across her neck and it will keep her tatting tools right at her fingertips.
Here you see what I mean. I am sure she isn't as fumble-fingered as I can be. I am forever dropping my gauges, or looking for my hook. Look no more they will all be there at your fingertips (even when you have to get up in a hurry to answer the phone, LOL). I hope she likes these gifts as much as I enjoyed making them.
 P.S.This is a "beaded" Shuttle bag I tatted. I had seen one made by Joelle' on her Youtube channel. I decided to try it. It was my first attempt using beads in tatting.


Terri said...

Wow, Deb, everything turned out beautifully! Your swap partner is sure to flip when she sees all of this!

Madtatter80 said...

Hi it me Carollyn and I loved receiving these beautiful items and I just read one of the comments you left on my blog, about the baby bonnet and I would love to help you with the making of the your bonnet. I made up mine and can help you with that, unless you find one out there in the cyber space!

Victoria said...

Un blog lleno de creatividad y color,,amor por cada trabajo realizado

Gracias por compartir
Con cariƱo Victoria