Friday, July 4, 2008

Fouth of July

Shall I tell you what's happening? No, not yet. Too painful. Been a very tumultuous week here. We did get good news (well almost). John got to the wire with his quest for a job. UPS has him waiting for an opening to start him. He is in line with about7 other guys for the job. Still there is a lot of turnover and he may get in, at least that was what he has been told. Say a prayer tonight he gets a call next week. Today is the Fourth of July. Rather quiet downtown. Usually busy and noisy all day with the fair in town. This year the economy and the price of gas has kept people home and so the carnival didn't even get started till about 1:00. Steve and I were amazed at how quiet the day has been. No firecrackers, kids yelling and screaming. Every once in a while you hear something, but it doesn't last. We are home today waiting.....someone was due home this week and we still have not heard anything. I am enjoying the calm, before the storm.


Terri said...
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Terri said...

I do hope that your son gets the job... they will not regret giving him the job.
I had no idea about the other but I hope that too is better now.

ok I miss spelled again and had to delete my 1st comment which is the same as this comment only spelt correctly I hope. Any way I couldn't remember how to edit it.