Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making of a Journal

I have to give credit here to Donna Downey, who we are so brazenly imitating (I hope she doesn't mind) for inspiring this attempt. Here is also where I mention that I do not scrap-book, yet was drawn to the cheery coloring and very altered way she approached it in this project. I would love to take a class with her one day but until that time I will have to plug away on my own (and with the help of friends). That said, Terri, Nancy (two very talented ladies) and I played on this project all day Friday and are still working on it. Learning along the way. I must now make an effort to collect some photo's for this project, as I am a crappy photgrapher and do not have a habit of taking them (part of the reason for the whole not scrap-booking thing).
I like the bright colors and having fun making it up as we go along. I also like all the painting and doodling I get to do. Tricky business painting on those acrylic sheets though. I think the secret is to spray with fixative first then add paint, then give a day to completely dry before playing with it. (remember I am winging this). I cannot wait to see what the other's come up with since we seem to be doing our own thing. I have to wrap it up soon, I still have Vicky's journal page, and some birds for a project to do yet!

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Her Art Nest said...

Looking really pretty, Deb. I should be working on my book also. I already printed my photos, but need to start pasting down the embellishments and chosing some rub-ons! I love the colors too. It is going to be awesome when you get it done.