Friday, February 11, 2011

Yeah!!! They Arrived!!

My friend Sarah (3dogsand2kids on Youtube) and "TheHandmadeCard" blog from the UK introduced me to "Folksy". It's the UK equivalent of Etsy. She sells her lovely handmade cards there. Well I was perusing Folksy one day I came across a sweet shop names "Spots&stripes1984" and Emma.
Emma Witwicki makes some of the neatest jewelry you will see. She makes rings that she stamps song lyrics on, and well as some very cute charms. I emailed her inquiring about having the rings made with our names on them. She was very sweet and after several emails discussing the details I decided to order them.
They arrived today!! So I loaded the pics, but they are not in the right order....
That said, here is the smaller of the two bands with my children's names on them. My Son-in-law's name(married to my eldest Stephanie) is inside the band (with room for more, when John, and Kim settle down "wink")
Here is the larger band with Steven and my name inside are the names of our "fur" babies, Bailey and Cookie! They arrived in the the sweetest little box on a bed of wool. I was a bit concerned with her mailing them. It can be a gamble sometimes (I recently had a package mailed to the UK go missing). I LOVE them! Please visit her shop, and if you are looking for that special something to give, why not consider something like these!!! Thanks again Emma!


Pretty Things said...

Wow! I know how difficult stamping is and making rings like that is no easy feat! They're lovely!

Anonymous said...

Deb, your rings are absolutely gorgeous, and a lovely touch getting all the names stamped onto the rings, especially the furbabies too :-)

Maria Sabina R. said...

I love unique creations! the box is adorable.but the rings are ''PRECIOUS''