Saturday, January 10, 2009

Confession of the Day......I Like the Telenovela

Okay, I am revealing a little known fact about myself.  I like Telenovelas, not all just a few. Yes, I am guilty of watching some of these, especially if this guy above, or Jorge Salinas is in it. They are campy, funny, interesting and in "Spanish". While I do not speak the language, nor do they have subtitles, I can get the gist of the show and usually sit with my spanish-english dictionary and the pause button if something doesn't quite click.  This particular telenovela above I managed to tape all the episodes but one. That's because they like us interrupt these things for the "President", etc (and it wasn't "their" President either). 
I even own a couple of these I bought online. I wouldn't waste my money on them anymore simply because they hack the heck out of the show when they move it to DVD. I have "Mariana de la Noche" after I watched it on TV.  I bought the DVD and half the story-line was missing.  What I do like about the Mexican Telenovelas is that they end. Yes, they have an ending. The story last so long and then it's over. Usually it ends with the bad guys getting theirs, the good guys winning, etc. 
Most of these Telenovelas would not be complete without the appearance of a  "Priest", and "Our Lady of Guatalupe". There is usually someone crying (I like that even the big burly tough guys break down every once in a while, and some people cry way too much) in each episode. At times you can tell they are working with a much smaller budget than American Soaps (don't believe me? Check out one of their hospital scenes).  
Like some of our "Stories", their characters overlook the obvious,  and some scenes are a  bit longer than needed at times. Don't be too surprised to see many of  the same actors again in the next story, playing different parts.  Like this guy above, my beloved Cesar Evora. He has played a Priest, a Crazy Rancher,  A Rich Business man, a Homeless Crazy Vagabond, and in this one Twin Brothers.  Even Joel McHale from The Soup had a field day mocking scenes from "La Madastra" and "Mundo de Fieras".
I also watch movies from China, as well as the odd Italian or French Movie. I just love the IFC channel. oh, and let us not forget the movies from India too. You have to love movies where people break out in song  and dance throughout the movie,for almost any reason, even in the tragedies! One of my favorite actors there is Shah Ruhk Kahn. Yep, I'm big fan of Bollywood.
For those of you wanting to watch  a Telenovela, and thinking I don't have time to guess at what is going on, you can go to a site called "Caray Caray" where other people  watch the shows and offer their translation. Now I am not saying you get an "accurate" detailed word for word translation. Often they are brief translations of what went on, with a lot of personal viewpoints, which are often laced with humor and sarcasm. However, "Telenovela World" does sometimes offer English and Spanish detailed coverage on their site. You have to look up your show on the home page, and then click to open. 
I have managed to learn a few words from these shows like "Nunca" (It means never, or when these guys say it "never, never, but I will in about 5 minutes") and "escuche" which means listen. I used to know more, but of course it has been a while since I watched. Darn it Cesar, when are you going to have a new show on Univision!!!! 


Terri said...

Eso fue una confesión asombrosa. Y muy hermosamente escrito.

Brindi said...

I must admit that I haven't watched too many telenovelas, but have caught my husband watching them. Must have something to do with the chicas. I am with you on IFC. Love it. I love foreign films and independent films and documentaries.

Willnnabel said...

Okay who is the "smarty-pants making me get out my dictionary??? Terri. Hmm amazing confession, huh, and beautifully written? Why Thank You.

Brindi, my husband does not like them and always says things like "Watching your Kook-a-racha shows?"He feels one should not have to "read" and try to follow a story. After all if you want to read get a book. He does not share my interest in Indie or foreign films, at least not that he is admitting.

Terri said...

¿Si usted no puede desordenar alrededor con sus cabezas de amigos, con quién puede interferir usted?