Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wonderful News, and the Mail

On Saturday August 22, Pat, my daughters boyfriend, took Steph out for a special evening. He had planned a nice dinner for her at a restaurant, and booked a room at the Royal Oak Arms. It was there he proposed to her. I could not be happier for them. About a month or so ago, I had met with Steph to have a turquoise ring we bought her last year sized, and broken locket she had repaired. I also wanted to stop in and visit a couple friends who worked nearby. One of them is Pamela of Pamela's Antiques in downtown Rochester. I love to look at all the beautiful antiques and the lovely vintage jewelry she carries. It was here Steven had bought my ring for our twentieth anniversary. The owner Pamela and I had become acquainted through a mutual friend. Pam is not only an authority on many Antiques, but a certified gemologist. She carries only the best vintage jewelry, and her prices are much more affordable than many jewelers.We spent some time looking at the earrings, pins, and rings. Pam was sweet enough to let us try on a few things. I found some lovely rose gold pieces (I just love this warm pink-gold), and it was there Steph spied a lovely vintage ring she fell in love with. That evening Steph had told Pat we had been poking around downtown and that she had met Pam, etc. Unknown to Stephanie and I he later called Pam and inquired about the jewelry Steph had been looking at. Pam told Pat of the ring that Stephanie had liked. With Pam's help, Pat picked out a ring. It is a 1930's setting and it is perfect. Later that Saturday night my daughter called she was crying, she was not sad but obviously very, very happy. They are planning a March wedding.This was such good news. I am so happy for them. He is a sweet man and they really love each other.
Congratulations Stephanie and Pat
Love Mom and Dad!
And now for something completely different........ In the mail today I received a small package. In it was this lovely tassle put together by Lori Anderson (Pretty Things). Lori does lovely beadwork, you have to check out her site. So imagine how flattered I was when she asked about my charms I made for a swap (previous post). I had one extra so I sent it to her. She graciously thanked me and asked about sending me something in exchange. Her work is so beautiful I could not imagine my small charm was worthy. I am still looking at it and just cannot believe she sent this beautiful piece. I love it! I feel so honored to have received such a beautiful piece of work. Thank You Lori, you were too kind.

Today I went to Flint with my dear friend Terri (TerrisBloomingIdeas). When my brother passed she immediately asked what she could do to help. So Monday night I called her and asked, "would you go with me to pick up Russell's remains?" Without hesitation she said yes. So we made the trip. She helped me find the funeral home, and on the way back we stopped to rest and have lunch. I have to tell you here how grateful I am for her today because it was hard keeping my thoughts straight. Too much going on here, burial, wedding plans, swaps I have to get done I am having a hard time keeping on task. After leaving Terri's I headed to Rochester to meet Stephanie. She was having her ring sized and we had a chance to look at wedding bands. When I finally arrived home Steven was there, and he handed me the mail. Along with Lori's lovely package I received a card. It is from someone who has just touched my heart. It has been rough these last days. You may have read below in an earlier post about my brother Russell passing away last week. I mentioned that he left no insurance, will, or no real money. We have had to pull together as a family to help give him a proper service and burial. What I did not share with you is that when Russ was admitted, and they mixed up my sisters phone number, it seemed no one told him that they had the wrong number and could not reach her. What hurts the most beside losing him this suddenly, was that I kept wondering if he thought we were not coming? He was in the hospital for three days perhaps thinking that no one cared enough to come. How would he know that when Kim got the call at 5:00 we had all jumped in our cars and raced to get to him? I had to drive 80 miles to get to the hospital, my sisters 55. It just breaks my heart that he was alone. It bothers me to think that he may have given up, stopped fighting, because he might have thought that no one cared. Then today I received this in my mail. Someone who did not know him thought of him, did this wonderful thing that has touched my heart. I sit here now thinking of him, and know that if this lovely person, whom I have not met has heard my heart and reached out to say a prayer for Russ then maybe he too had heard and knows we were there for him. I cannot express how much your kindness and generosity has meant to me today Stef (Glitterbabe). Thank you for this precious gift.


Terri said...

Wow where to begin this was one jammed packed post....How thoughtful of Stef G. I know I would be touched by that kind of love and thoughtfulness.
Hee Hee I knew about Lori and I knew with all the things that were going on and what you did for her it would be a welcomed surprise.
Me...I was happy to do that for you.
And the best of all is the engagement of Stephanie and Pat! I couldn't be happier for them and wish them nothing but the best.

One day at a time one thing at a time it and it will all fall into place. I remember this cute little saying...inch by inch it's a sinch, but by the yard it is oh so ever hard.
Love Ya!

Stef H said...

big congrats to the happy couple and we definitely need to see pics of the ring?

and you are so welcome, my sweet friend. i'm sure Russel is at peace and knows how much you love him.


Beedeebabee said...

Boy, this post is so full of and downs. Congratulations on your daughters engagement, that's wonderful...I loved the beaded tassel, just beautiful, and Stef is one of the nicest people I've met here in blogland. I agree with her that Russel does know how much you love him...It's also so nice that you have a dear friend like Terri to help you through all of this. ♥ Paulette

Stacey said...

Congratulations to your daughter and future son-in-law! :) How thoughtful of him to get in touch and find the vintage ring she adored!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family as you struggle with the loss of your brother. {{BIG HUGS}}

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ~Stacey

KV Creative Designs said...

Congrats to your daughter and your family! I am sure you need a pick me up at this time!

Artful Blessings,

Pretty Things said...

I'm glad the tassel came at a good time! I'm still gazing lovingly at the charm you gifted me -- your work is amazing!