Thursday, July 30, 2009

Charm Swap!

Lately it seems I have been doing a lot of online swaps. I did the Marie Tag (still waiting on two people, mmmm), and then I signed up for a doll swap (my partner has gone AWOL, so I have my doll ready to swap if she shows up or I get someone else), and then there was this. A charm swap. It is being hosted by Arlene Mobley at:
So I took a print made from a painting I did (available on Artfire), and used part of the image for my charms. Using the same image, or part of it, for the tag. I wanted to make something using my art and this image is one of my favorites. Found these neat golden/green teardrops to use but there were not enough of them, and I had to make 18 charms. So I substituted a purple stone drop for a few of them. I am very happy with the finished piece(s).
Here are the backs of the Tags, all the info and my name.....( I really like saying that, "Original Artwork")
Here is a close up of the charm, the jump ring ready for attaching. I just added the ribbon, it isn't meant to stay on, but who knows it looks good with the charm, don't you think?
Here they are bagged and tagged....You can see some of the teardrops. (The ribbon looks red but it is a burnt orange to match her dress. The color on the photo above is closer to the actual shade)
I added some sparkle to her and on the back (sorry no picture) I have a gold damask pattern. The solder was blackened, the little "bead" corners were sanded to reveal the silver. I used a blackened wire for the wrap, and found black jump rings at the bead store.
All packed and ready to ship. I will go to the post later today. Need to make sure I get delivery confirmation on these. Though they are not due until Aug 28th, I hate waiting until the last minute. Besides, I have another swap coming up soon, don't want to many things piling up on my plate. Perhaps the mistake a lot of people make when they sign up for swaps is that they don't start right away. They may not necessarily have to be finished as early, but at least it helps prevent getting stressed out at the last minute. You start off thinking you have so much time, then things come up, and before you know it your either rushing (maybe wind up not doing your best work) or not being on time. Which for me, I have to admit, are a couple of my pet peeves. It just feels better knowing they are done, and I am really pleased with them (another bonus because at least if I was not happy, I still had time to make new ones).
Don't think I'm not ever guilty of procrastination. Often just as guilty, literally the "Queen" of putting things off. I am learning (slowly, to be sure)that for me it is better to get in right away and get it done, otherwise inevitably something comes up and the pressure gets to me. Now on to the next item on my list!


Terri said...

Esquisite execution of these charms... the original art...the wire wraping on the bead...the soldering...the perfect color of is coming accross as burnt orange on my the tags with the original art image.
Truely a beautiful gift to those you are swapping with.

Renee said...

Oh my God, I love them.

They are gorgeous Deb.


Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

those are fabulous! I really really love them!
I never do the swaps because I can admit that I'm just not organized enough to get it together and get it sent.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

holy moly! i love this. i can see it on a card already! just fabulous!


Joy said...

These charms are absolutely wonderful.

Elyse said...

wow that is cool!!!


Her Art Nest said...

Beautiful charms, Deb. They are really very cool. Love the artwork! ~Nance

Pretty Things said...

OK, so.... what would I have to do to own one of those? For reals....

AlteredByMe said...


I have those beautiful charms is my little hands already and love them. They turned out beautiful! Thanks for joining my swap!