Thursday, April 2, 2009

For Therese.....

It has been brought to may attention (yes I heard, Therese), that I have not posted in a "week". Talk about peer pressure. I have been a bit busy lately, with taxes, my children and trying to work on a few things to list on Artfire (hmm, yes, I will be selling some of my work), and I don't think it had been that long, but Therese is home recuperating from surgery and is getting impatient for me to update. So this post is dedicated to her. I ran around with my camera and snapped some photo's here and there around the house, things I have painted, and some recent finds. So here Therese, some eye candy for you. I hope you are feeling better and can join us soon for some fun. Last Friday I had Terri (Blooming Ideas) and Nancy (Her Art Nest) over for tea and sweets (biscotti, cupcakes, and cookies). We spent the afternoon making adorable stuffed mice. So cute! We have a "challenge" going on and have to dress a mouse for April. Perhaps we will all post them so you can vote? I used my Archivers coupons and bought both tiers of the "Clip-it". I managed to get most of my stamps on it. I have more stamps, but this is full. This does make it easier to see my stamps and get to them.
I have been working on paintings to list for sale. Here are two that I am working on now.
A mermaid painting, waiting for beeswax, soon to be listed on Artfire!
Here is another painting , that will also be for sale soon.I thought I might also share some of my previous work so here is a lamp shade I painted. It has been china painted and fired several times.
What it looks like all "lit" up....
Here is a full view.... sorry it is so dark, I am a bad photographer.
Here is the shade from one of two matching lamps I have painted. My front room used to be painted a nice cranberry color, they looked nice against the rich background. Here I think they look a bit washed out.
Here is "one" of the lamps full view (the middle part was painted also).
This last weekend I stopped at a flea market/craft show at our local K of C Hall and found this neat cabinet for our bathroom for $15.00! It is much larger than the older one, and has these neat cubbies on the sides. Steve hung it up right away for me.
Aren't these dishes pretty? I found them there also....
Like I needed another set of dishes, but these were just so pretty and only one was chipped. A set of eight (Homer Laughlin), a platter, veggie bowl, sugar and creamer. (I can just here Terri and Nancy laughing, and they "think" they know how much of this stuff I have)
So there you have it. I hope this holds you for a bit Therese, (hey, I thought you were starting your blog now? Send me the link okay?)
P.S. Hey everyone...Please hop over to Michelle Wards blog. She has made some new stamps. Part of the proceeds are going to help a family that has lost their home to a fire. I do not know how long she will be doing this so hurry over! She is so sweet, and her stamps are wonderful!


kana said...


You have a pretty blog! I love your paintings! Looking forward to the basket swap with you.

Terri said...

Had a blast with the Tea Party and making our pin cushions. The paintings are coming out wonderfully!!! Yes as you know you gave me a very enjoyable laugh about the china...Oh great finder of wonderful treasures.

Renee said...

Hi Debra, I laughed my head off at your comment on the heat monitor nazi. Hillarious.

I think it is a fantastic idea to sell your art. The pictures look incredible.

How exciting.

Love Renee xoxo

Therese said...

well it's about time-----lol-----i was worried that there was a blog strike when the 3 of ya's did write anything for sometime-----my sister is here from italy and having a time on these blogs and art-fire........yes we will get together and maybe hit the stores --the cast comes off in maybe 2 weeks, then a motion free brace that only is allowed to move in so many degrees as the doc sets it ea week for at least 2 months---i miss doing my progects with the crafty hand-----let me know when the mermaid goes up for sale---would look great on the boat...........well ta ta for now and it was an honor to have a section dedicated to me...hugs and kisses Therese

Terri said...

Now it my turn say...see
I knew she would want that painting