Monday, April 6, 2009

I Still Need "ONE" More Player...

I am participating in the R.A.K. (see post below). Come on now I just know you want to receive a little surprise in the mail... here is your chance. What will I send? Well thats a surprise. When, ah, thats a surprise too. So come along and join me for some fun. Just leave a comment in the post and join!


Renee said...

Deb, you know this is me all over.

I have to bail out though. Even though I would love to do it.

I am going for my cat scan today and bone tomorrow and I have tests and results up until the beginning of May.

This freezes me as I wait for the axe to fall and so I fear commitment of any kind. I wouldn't want to be part of something that I don't know if I could do it.

I am so honoured that you thought of me. You know this is the kind of thing I would love.

Your new paintings are brilliant, and the lucky person who receives a RAK from you.

Love Renee xoxox

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Deb,
So far I am still waiting to get one more person also. If I get any "extra" persons, I will gladly give you them. :) ~Nance

Terri said...

I think You made your five check your original post.

Willnnabel said...

Yes, and "I will hug, them and pet them and name them George...."

Thank You Thank You.........