Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Projects...

Here is what I did this weekend. I have been working on little mice. Aren't they cute? What started as a fun project with a couple of friends has become a bit of an obsession for me lately. Friday my friends Nancy (Her Art Nest) and Terri (Blooming Ideas) came over to play. Nancy made her little dressed up mouse, with a little help from me, and Terri made a "fairy" mouse. I had made one for an exchange earlier ( I cannot show her here, maybe after she arrives at her new home ) and she was too cute. I made her a ballerina but with all she needed was wings to be a fairy. Well I as usual got nothing done myself, but then on Saturday my daughter Kim, wanted to make one, oh, but not a mouse, she wanted to make a "Queen Bunny'. While I showed her how I had made the skirt and such for mine, she did all but a few steps herself. Now these babies range from 2.75" to Kim's 4" bunny. In the meantime I did these, and althought they are not done I wanted to share them with you..... My little cheetah "senorita" mouse (I need a red rose and the lace veil yet)
A soon to be finished "fairy mouse", she still needs "bling" and "wings".
Here is Kims finished "Queen Bunny" and her friend, my Mouie!

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Moniqui said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute!!