Thursday, March 13, 2008

Suzi Blu

Okay I like Suzi. I have participated in her art journal assignments, and love her Vlogs. I have three. Bailey, Nuala, and now Cookie! I used to have Nuala's mom, Butters. However, Butters wanted to be "Queen" of the house, and there can only be one of us..... She had "issues" with being in charge. My lovely daughter took her to "camp" to work with her and thats when a couple of lovely ladies expressed a desire to have a doggie like her. Well in a series of events I could never have planned, Butters decided to leave me and go live with them. There she is the "Queen" and is spoiled rotten. She is lovin' it. I miss her, but to tell the truth I do not miss the fighting between Nuala, Bailey and her. So now we have "Cookie"! She is a "love" child of my handsome Boo (Bailey) and another Yorkie, Bella. Born December 9th, the day after my birthday, she is a sweetie. Bailey looks at me as if to say "is she staying?", "Yes" she is. Nuala he older half-sister (love child of Bailey and Butters) has warmed up to her new playmate. So Suzi, I would tell you to invest in a kennel cab or training cage, it is the easiest way to train a dog, and it is where my puppies all go for their bedtime and naps.... each in their own little home. And scheduled feedings! Thats a biggie. My babies eat at 5:00 am and 5:00 pm, potty about 15 minutes after each meal and after some play. Cookie has caught on and at 12 weeks knows what is expected of her. P.S. I get to see Butters as she lives only a couple blocks from my daughters place. She has a car seat and has a special place by the front window where you can see her when you walk by. She looks happy.