Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun Friday......

Spent the day with Terri Friday. Played with my "new" stamps, copic markers, colored pencils, glitter, ribbon, punches, and paper. These cards were simple and sweet. It was a nice day out, and Terri and I even managed to go out for "ice cream"!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Fabric Binder for Kim

I have been neglectful of my blog, again. It's summer and I have been busy about the house. We painted the porch steps, had garage sales, cleaned off porches, and various yard work projects.
I have also been busy trying some new things. I was looking for a project to work on while sitting on the front porch, or watching the new series Pillars of the Earth. I had seen the video by Teesha Moore where she had made these wonderful fabric journals, and fell in love with the idea.
Gathering up some fabric, I started making the little "pillows" as Teesha calls them. They were each stuffed and sewn, then carefully edged with cotton thread. Making the stitches small, varying thread colors and patterns to make each one different. Like Teesha said, I was not all "matchy poo". It did not matter that some were a bit smaller, not quite straight, or that the tread colors changed randomly. The result is a fun and funky folder.
I made this for our youngest daughter Kim. She is a bit of a free spirit and I know she will love the bright colors. She loves Teeshas' work and I thought it would be a nice surprise for her as she starts college in Kalamazoo next week.
It's finished and ready for her, decorated with some vintage buttons and colorful fibers.
Here is the inside. I found these bright colored rings for the binder. You can see all the "quilting". I tried to vary and make patterns for each piece. It was all bound with a pretty blue thread.
She can use it for a journal by adding sketch paper to it, or some watercolor paper. She can use it for school, either way she will have something from me with her and remind her that we are thinking of her while she is away at school.