Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch my friend Sarah (3dogsand2kids on YouTube) on Ustream showing how she makes her "scrap-a-lopes". These are the cutest custom envies that you can make for almost any size cards. Many times I make a 3", 4", or 5" card and no envie.
Now thanks to Sarah, I can use up all those pieces of scrap paper, and those "off" papers that come in the large packs that you had no use for.
My little 4" tent cards fit perfectly in these. I had not used them because I just had no envelopes that fit. There are other templates out there but this one was just so cute (and easy).
Please visit Sarahs blog "The Handmade Card" and you can find out how to make them!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome "Bunny"

We have been busy here, work, family and life in general. We have recently been involved with a "Dog" rescue. Our eldest daughter Stephanie has worked with various companies regarding dog care, and boarding has been involved with the rescue "Harley's Haven" out of Clawson, MI. Both she and Robin have been helping rescue dogs from precarious situations. Whether it's a family that is no longer able to care for a pet, or an animal suffering abuse at the hands of careless owner. They offer to come take the animal and help find a home for them. They make sure they see a vet, have all their shots and are "neutered or spayed" before they are placed. Hoping to stop some of the accidental or careless breeding of unwanted animals. It was only a matter of time before she "sucked" us in to help. It seems there is a big lack of Foster families willing to care for an animal while they wait for a "Fur-ever home". So we agreed to help with the small breed dogs. We started with Bella, a sweet terrier (actually one of my Yorkie's offspring) who's family could not give her the time she needed. She was only with us two weeks, but she did so well and is now at "home" in a family that loves her. Next is "Pepper", a Chihuahua mix abandoned outside in January with her sister (who recently was placed), left to fend for themselves, it is no wonder she is so fearful of people. She is doing so much better now, although she still gets spooked at loud noises or quick movements. She still seems afraid that she will not have food, we work with her to try to help her understand she is safe now. There is plenty of food, and a warm place of her own. She loves us, especially my husband Steve. Having been initially befriended by a man, she seems to trust men more easily. Although she and I have become good friends. She seems to look at me with her sad lonely eyes with such longing. I pet her and tell her how sweet she is and that she is safe. I hope we will be able to find a home for her soon, she deserves to feel special and loved (although Terri keeps saying she has "adopted" us). I have my Yorkie's, Bailey and Cookie. They are such sweet dogs and have for the most part, been very good about sharing their space. We did have a young male Dachshund named Gus, though for two weeks that Bailey was not happy about. He was a good puppy just rowdy and was getting on Boos nerves. He went to his new home last Friday. Which brings us to "Bunny". She is a little (and I mean little, she weighs only 1 1/2 pounds) Maltese mix. When she was rescued she was having hypoglycemic seizures from the lack of proper nutrition. Her sister was dead, and her two brothers, Cotton and Scruffy (available for adoption, go to Facebook - Harley's haven in Clawson to see them) the more dominant puppies were undernourished, but in much better shape. Robin nursed her back to a state where she still has to be watched, but able to be placed with us. She is learning to eat little meals and regulate her blood sugar on her own. These little babies need to eat more often as their fast metabolisms burn through calories quickly. Puppies need so much more during their early months until they reach their adult weight. Bunny was lucky. She was able to make a comeback with minimal damage, although its still early to tell if her early malnutrition will have any long term effect. Stephanie knew placing her with us she would be safe and well cared for, she also knew "Bunny" would have a "Fur-ever" home. Yeah, I am a sucker for this little gal. She is so feisty and thinks she is 50lbs of Doberman instead of a fluffy speck of a puppy. She doesn't walk or run, she "hops", and loves to play. So much energy. I know Boo and Cookie get a bit annoyed with her boundless energy, but they are patient with her. When she gets to be too much they jump up on the registers or couch and watch her as she bounces and jumps trying to get them to play.
She is so sweet and tiny. We have to be careful not to let her get on anything she could jump down and hurt herself. Many of these fine boned, little "toy or teacup" type dogs are easily broken. Careless breeding has lead to so many flaws and problems with these tiny breeds. Bunny will require a bit more care when it comes to that. My Bailey (Boo) who is 9 lbs of Yorkie has had to have knee surgery for slipping off a stair last year. Steph knows of a small dog who broke his back jumping off a couch. So we will have our work cut out for us.
Still it's hard not to love this cute sweet face.