Sunday, March 13, 2011

1st Anniversary

Today March 13th is the "first" Wedding Anniversary of our daughter Stephanie and her husband Pat (Pasquale). Boy has time flown by for us. I cannot believe it. So when they asked us to watch Tillie (one of their four dogs, who doesn't get along with other people. They have someone staying to take care of the others) so they could go away for the night we of course said yes.
So while Tillie runs around with Bailey, Cookie, and the two foster dogs we are caring for, I am keeping busy. Tonight I finished these soldered charms.....
While I was working away, I thought wouldn't it be nice to take the few photos I had from the wedding and make something for Steph and Pat as a keepsake for their Anniversary. I do not have many photos from the wedding, you see the photographer "lost" them. (Audible gasp)
Yeah, I know we were all devastated when we were finally told. While the photographer apologized and offered to re-shoot Pat & Steph in their wedding attire, it hardly made up for losing all the memories. So I decided to touch up the few bad photos I had taken, and some that were "found" of the reception, make Steph a charm bracelet, and Pat a key chain.
I am going to place them in the box I decorated tomorrow when they come to get Tillie. I am going to make dinner for them, and although it is little compensation for not having a Wedding photo album, it will be something to look at and reminisce.
P.S. I was so happy to find a photo of her dancing with her father (the father and daughter dance) , she was hugging her Dad, and the tears were about to fall. Of all my wedding photos I cherish the photo with my father, I am so glad she has that.