Sunday, February 28, 2010

OWOH Winnings!!!! Part 2

Wow here is a bracelet I won from Carol Ann in Australia! Not only did she send this gorgeous beaded bracelet (did you notice the lovely heart in the dangle?). Not only did she send me my winnings in a cute handmade box, and the lovely handmade card, but she sent the neat tea towel with the Kiwi's for Steph and Pat, as a wedding gift! How sweet is she! She included a card with a picture of these neat little birds along with it. I cannot wait until Steph come over so I can give it to her. Please visit her blog and Etsy Shoppe Here!
She was very excited when I told her that Carol Ann had thought of her.
Here is it, isn't it lovely? I just love the little heart. Thank You Carol Ann!
Here is another little winning from Michelle at Nook and Cranny Gifts! I was so happy to win this. I plan on putting it on Bailey once he has healed and is better from his surgery. It is so darn cute! I have three yorkie's so I may need to order one for each of the girls too. Thank You Michelle!
and now for something completely different.....
Presenting the band my son John is in......
Seasons of Eden
(he is the handsome bass player to the right)
Last night was their CD Release performance. We sat through two other bands, Half Light, an up and coming band we really enjoyed. Then Downtown Brown, this was the band John started with years ago. He joined them for this performance and pops in and out playing with them.
Currently though he is playing with Seasons of Eden. They have been played on 89X (88.7 fm) and are developing quite a following.
Here is a photo of John, I managed to fight the crowd to get........
It was a great turnout, my sisters came , Kim's family Joseph (husband), Sarah, and Joey. My sister Cheryl, her son Ernie and stepson Evan. My daughters Kim and Steph and her fiance Pat. As well as so many of Johns friends that I haven't seen since high school. I think we took up a whole corner of the room. It was so nice to be there for him with all these people there to support them!

Monday, February 22, 2010

OWOH Winnings!!!!!

I have been M.I.A. these days, preparing for the wedding, working, and then my Yorkie Bailey had his surgery last Friday. He tore the ligament in his left knee and well we have been waiting for the last couple weeks to see if he would need the surgery. He did and so he went in. He is doing better, but would not look at me for most of the day when he came home. They shaved him all kinds of crazy ways so After he heals we will need to do some repair work on his hair. For now he needs to rest.
However I had to share with you some things I was lucky enough to win. I was very busy this year and did not get to visit many of the blogs in the OWOH giveaway this year. I hopped around when I got a moment (which was only twice as I recall) but managed to land on some pretty amazing blogs. My list of favorites is getting long. Coming home in the horrible winter storm today was scary as the roads were slick with snow and slush. However, when I finally got home look at what was waiting for me.....
Yummy Art supplies all the way from Sherry in England! Love the vellum, although I have admired it I have never played with it. It is very cool because it is silk screen printed. My daughter would like a scrapbook of her wedding and this will be perfect for it! Thank You Sherry!!! You have to visit her blog, she is working on some very neat tags, you can visit her here .....
I also received this cutie domino magnet she made. He is so cool I wondered if she drew this? I have him here in my art room on my magnifying light. He can keep me company.
I also received another package from Ohio. I won this fabulous enameled heart bracelet from Cheryl Strait. You must visit her blog and see her wonderful work for yourself. Her blog She is so talented, and well, I was so darn lucky! Thank You Cheryl!!
Excuse the blurry photo, I was trying to take the photo and pose, not necessarily a good idea. I love it fits nicely and looks great on! I love it!
I have been so fortunate to visit these ladies wonderful blogs and win. I will be back after things slow down (the wedding is in a few weeks now) to visit more of the blogs, and of course to check in with Cheryl and Sherry!

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Winner is......

Oh I almost forgot. I have to pick a "Winner" for the OWOH Giveaway. I have been busy, busy with wedding prep, my daughter will be getting married March 13th, only a month away! I regret to say I did not have time to visit all the wonderful blogs but hope to get a chance after all the celebrating is done.
So I went to the "random generator" and put in 1 thru 254 (thanks for all the lovely comments, I wanted you all to win :( ) and it came up with...................
I mean what were the chances of number 2 coming up, and it being a good friend Nancy? I could almost hear my husband (and hers) saying "It's rigged". Nope I would have to pick another. So I asked for a second number and it gave me Number 192. So Debbi at
you will also get a print as soon as you send me your info. I want to thank all of you for the lovely comments and apologize for not being able to give you all something. This was wonderful. Thank You Ms. Swifka for hosting another great event, and giving me so many wonderful blogs to visit!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

OWOH Giveaway!

I have decided (I know a bit last minute) to join in the "One World One Heart Giveaway" again this year. Busy with our daughters wedding, I have not had time to really plan for this. Yet I wanted to give something, so I am offering one of my prints. Each is printed on archival paper and enhanced with a bit of "bling" in the form of Swarovski Crystals. All you need do is leave a comment, and an e-mail or link to you blog (which would be even better) so I may reach you if I draw your name. Now remember you must abide by the rules and have a blog to enter. You can leave a comment from now until February 15th for a chance to win!
I will try to load a better picture later so that you can see more of the detail in these prints. Be sure to click on the link in the sidebar to join with me in visiting some super blogs.
(These prints are of my original artwork. The winner will receive the print carefully packed and wrapped to insure it arrives in pristine condition.)

Sorry I have been busy....

I won't go into all the details, but I wanted to explain why I have been M.I.A. on my blog of late. In fact I have not even been online in a while. You see we had a little wedding favor mishap. Our favors which my daughter wanted, are to be hankies, with their Monogram, along with a poem bookmark. Great idea. We knew someone who does embroidery and after pricing around, well when this person offered to do them as a gift, we jumped at the chance. I delivered the hankies the 5th of December, along with all the thread and the design. Well they were supposed to have been done by now. Only they are not, and what was done is unusable!
Which brings me to now, upset bride, angry and stressed mother and no usable favors for the wedding in March! What to do? Well I did what I really wanted to do in the first place. After calling numerous places, talking to a plethora of embroidery places and representatives, I bought a machine. I guess if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself. Not that there are not wonderful and reliable people and places out there, it is just to buy them done would have cost me almost as much as the machine.
So I went on the hunt for a good (inexpensive) machine. There are some that are down right cheap (about $350) but by the time you buy all the "add on's" to do what you need you are spending as much as the big name machines. Finally I lucked into finding a Viking dealer who had a "re-pack". A Used machine with a warranty and classes. The lady, Michelle, has received my nomination for sainthood. She has been working with me, setting up the machine, even loaning me a hoop and downloading letters to make this work for me.
I set up shop in the dining area for now, and yesterday on my first day I finished the first five dozen. My daughter was ironing and folding the finished hankies and it looks as though I will be busy for a while working on them each day.
My husband has been a champ, helping by making dinner, and coffee, not to mention being very supportive.
As for my daughter, she has been right there with me. She is determined to help out and is right there working with me. She felt bad about the whole thing, even though none of it is her fault. As for me well it is also a sewing machine so I am going to craigslist my older machine and learn to have some fun with this new one.
Here are some already pressed and packed to go! They are turning out lovely! If a do a few dozen each night I should polish them off quickly.
As for the ones that were ruined? Well the person in question is family, so I guess I will have to write them off to a very, very expensive lesson. I am actually more hurt that this person would do this to us on such an important occasion, but then I guess perhaps I just think and feel differently than her. I never really was interested in learning or having a machine that does this, but I am now thinking of all the possibilities. I know so many people having babies and grand-babies, and who knows perhaps it will be me soon? What wonderful things I could make for them.
So if you see that I haven't posted lately just know I am just focusing on this, and will be back in plenty of time for the giveaway!!!
P.S. Please stop by as Terri's blog. She just had surgery and is home recuperating. I am sure she would love to hear from all of you!