Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Share

I thought I would snap some shots and share a few things in my collection. I "paint" china, and still I find myself gravitating to it when I see it at yard sales, shops, or flea markets. When I do purchase something, it tends to be of the hand-painted variety (the salt and pepper sets). Yet every now and again I will pick up a few pieces of china that have elaborate decal work, with some soft airbrushed color on it (the creamers). I even found the sweetest little chick in a wire basket. It is so tiny and delicate, and the small flower on the chick is precious. It is only about 1 3/4" across and maybe 2" tall. Making a wire weave basket this small must have been tedious work.
Steve, Kim, and I stopped today, after having had breakfast with our oldest daughter Stephanie, at a local fruit stand on the way back home. They had a tent in the back and were having a yard sale. Steve spotted these glasses and the Pitcher. He surprised me by purchasing them (they were very reasonable). Not necessarily an item I would have picked out for myself, but they are very nice and he liked them. Since they are fall colors, I think I will use them this fall on the front porch. I love to sit out there and read when it rains, or on cool breezy days. Did you notice the cute salt and pepper set beneath them that I found? They are Yorkies!
Here is a close up of the cute "Dorkie Yorkie's" salt and pepper set. They have little magnets in their mouths and they "kiss". They dark one reminds me of my Bailey, and the lighter one looks like my Cookie. (Sorry Nuala, they did not have a third one.)
I am off now to the grocery and then to get some housework done. the weekend has flown by and tomorrow it is back to work.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary Steve

Today is our 31st Anniversary. Below is a picture of Steven, my husband. We were married June 24, 1978. It was a hot summer day. The flowers were late, the wrong dresses had been delivered to my sisters Patty and Kim. My other sister Cheryl (the maid of honor, who found out that week that she was pregnant, and had not eaten that morning) passed out during the ceremony and "rolled" down the alter stairs. Steve's father came out of "nowhere" to help,( I mean one minute he was in the pew, next he was scooping Cheryl up off the floor). Meanwhile I couldn't stop laughing they "paused" the service, so I could collect myself. My youngest brother, Anthony, was our ring bearer, and was complaining "loudly" throughout the ceremony that he was too hot. During the Reception, Steve's Aunt had a reaction to her medication, and we had to have EMS come to the hall and help her off the dance floor. Some of my relatives did not get along, so it made for a fun night of intercepting them and keeping things nice and calm at times. When we went to leave, my wonderful family had taped all the windows, and booby-trapped the car (they found one of those under construction pillars with the light flashing red and put it in the back seat, taped the windows and blown up several funny shaped balloons, and other adult paraphernalia). As my children would say, "good times.... good times", in that sarcastic tone that tells you it was anything but. I saw the whole wedding ordeal as a gauntlet I had to run. If we could make it through all the drama, with everyone alive, we had a fighting chance at making it work. I remember as we left for our honeymoon the next morning we had to stop and get gas in the car. Now of course this was still when most stations pumped the gas for you. The gentleman knocked on the window smiling and said "Congratulations". I thought, that was nice. It never occurred to me how he knew. Later when we reached Ohio and stopped again, Steve went to pump the gas this time and came to the window laughing so hard I he could barely breathe. It seems they (my wonderful brothers and sisters) had placed a sign inside on the gas cap that read "Congratulate us we just got laid". (Don't worry they got married after, heh heh... but I never went to the corner station for gasoline again) It would be nice to say the honeymoon was better, and most of it was, except the part where Steve decided he had to get the car washed (on a Sunday no less) and they locked the keys in the car (my spare set was conveniently locked in the trunk) so we spent the day waiting for the locksmith to show up, or the part where I got sunburned so bad we had to come home early. Still, we did okay. It's been a real roller-coaster ride, up and down these last years. We have gone to bed "angry", we have argued, been stubborn (him, not me), fought over money, kids, relatives, still during it all we never stopped loving each other. It isn't perfect, it never is, I don't think I ever was foolish enough to think it would be. I say this in the hopes that those who are just starting out know you can fight, argue, disagree, even go to bed angry, and still love the other person. We never saw our marriage as disposable, we entered into it for the long haul. We had to adjust, and give a little, sometimes a lot. We developed a kind of Intermittent "Alzheimer's" if you will. Even now I cannot remember things we fought about specifically (okay maybe one or two things.... that he did), but we just learned to let it go and look ahead. Perhaps part of the reason it all worked is that we never crossed certain lines, and apologized when we "knew" we were be wrong (again, not me him), and learned to be patient when we (he) did not to admit it. He said to me today, (lying through his teeth, but very sweetly) that he has loved the last 30 years, and looks forward to the next 30. I sweetly reminded him it has been 31, then I quoted Roseanne "Hon, just think of our marriage as a life sentence with no hope of parole"
Happy Anniversary's to the next!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day, Flea Market, and a Cold

I was sick Thursday when I came home from work. I felt it coming Wednesday night. The scratchy throat, the runny nose, I was getting a cold. It has been going around at work, Steve and Kim both had it. It has been a while since I had been sick with a cold. A woman I work with got a cold and wound up with bronchitis. I started taking my Echinacea and I made a pot of chicken soup. I spent Friday at home watching the free preview on Direct TV, while fading in and out of consciousness. Saturday was the headache and the chest pain from the coughing. I was determined though to celebrate Fathers Day. So Sunday morning off we went to Romeo. They have a new Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Steve wanted to check it out. Look at the haul I made there.... The aluminum tea set is for a gift. I have a friend that collects hammered aluminum. I am putting it away for her birthday, hmmm......maybe. A woman had a large jar of random things. Kim and I decided to split it and I found some great metal parts, more shell buttons, and metal buttons as well as odd bits of trim, seam tape, etc. There was a box with old books and an old sears catalog. The vintage hankies and the old gloves were a real deal, as well as a small bag of odd broken jewelry pieces... Here for you to use, is the cover of the ABC book I found. It is quite tattered and falling apart. I plan to scan each page. they are very nice etchings and aged that old yellow-brown. It was a nice Fathers Day out with our children. We met at the Flea Market, stopped at a stand for some fruit and flowers, then off for breakfast. After that we headed home to prepare bar-b-que ribs! Johnny surprised us and was waiting at the house for us. It was nice having everyone home. Stephanie and I looked up homes on the Internet. (She and Pat are house hunting.) So although I was sick with this darn chest cold, I managed to make it through. Steve found a couple train cars, Steph found a turquoise figure and a poodle pin, Kim a set of funky dishes, very 70's, yellow. Even though Steph and Pat had to leave a bit early, as she was working , we had a chance to visit with everyone for a bit which was nice. I know Steve enjoyed having everyone around and talking trains, cars, and music with his son. Not a bad Fathers Day.

My Thoughts....and Mr. Fredrick Douglas

As the wife of an "auto-worker" and the daughter of a "farmer and carpenter", I am becoming increasingly incensed over the the phrase "cheap-labor" used flippantly by people in government, business, and the media. You hear media blasting workers trying to make a "living" wage. Portraying them as somehow"greedy" for wanting a some share of the benefits those at the top enjoy, and that their labor make possible. I ask myself why these millionaires as rich as they are, resent sharing any the profit with the people who have helped make it possible for them to acquire that wealth? Seriously, it is not like we have asked them to live on the modest scale of most middle class, or the poor. While we do not begrudge them their wealth, why is it they look down on the people that work for them, these hard workers now dealing with arthritis, hearing loss, carpal tunnel, cancer from working with toxic materials, etc.? Why shouldn't they make enough to enjoy some comfort, feed their family, allow one parent to be home with their children, and enjoy some of life's small pleasures? Not only do these workers give their labor, but buy these products made with the monies they earn, which also generates wealth for these few. These same few wealthy who feel they do their employees a "favor" by following through on promises they made, or think of it as a "savings to them" by canceling contracts, cutting benefits, or dumping these same workers who gave their labor, and life to help them gain the wealth they enjoy. They want it all back, they want "cheap labor" and to "shed" their debt, and negate promises, while moving business overseas, or other states where they can enjoy even more profit while paying out less to those that toil for the scraps they throw at them. I do not know, I may have missed the article or broadcast where they told of how these top CEO's , Bankers, Investor's, etc. had their health care cut off, lost their homes, cars, their pensions, had their wages cut in half, had to start over with no job prospects at 56 or 70 years old. So much greed, yet this corporate method of giving less and wanting more is not a new thing. Let's reflect back on our past. Here in an article I came across, written by Fredrick Douglas, he addresses the issue of "Cheap Labor", regarding black and oriental workers in his time, yet mirrors this same issue today.......

Cheap Labor by Frederick Douglass How vast and bottomless is the abyss of meanness, cruelty, and crime sometimes concealed under fair-seeming phrases. Take the one we have made the caption of this article as an illustration. Ostensibly the demand for cheap labor is made in the interest of improvement and general civilization. It tells of increased wealth and of marvellous transformations of the old and the worthless into the new and valuable. It speaks of increased travelling facilities and larger commercial relations; of long lines of railway graded, and meandering canals constructed; of splendid cities built, and flourishing towns multiplied; of rich mines developed, and useful metals made abundant; of capacious ships on every sea abroad, and of amply cultivated fields at home; in a word, it speaks of national prosperity, greatness, and happiness. Alas! however, this is but the outside of the cup and the platter--the beautiful marble without, with its dead men's bones within. Cheap Labor, is a phrase that has no cheering music for the masses. Those who demand it, and seek to acquire it, have but little sympathy with common humanity. It is the cry of the few against the many. When we inquire who are the men that are continually vociferating for cheap labor, we find not the poor, the simple, and the lowly; not the class who dig and toil for their daily bread; not the landless, feeble, and defenseless portion of society, but the rich and powerful, the crafty and scheming, those who live by the sweat of other men's faces, and who have no intention of cheapening labor by adding themselves to the laboring forces of society. It is the deceitful cry of the fortunate against the unfortunate, of the idle against the industrious, of the taper-fingered dandy against the hard-handed working man. Labor is a noble word, and expresses a noble idea. Cheap labor, too, seems harmless enough, sounds well to hear, and looks well upon paper. But what does it mean? Who does it bless or benefit? The answer is already more than indicated. A moment's thought will show that cheap labor in the mouths of those who seek it, means not cheap labor, but the opposite. It means not cheap labor, but dear labor. Not abundant labor, but scarce labor; not more work, but more workmen. It means that condition of things in which the laborers shall be so largely in excess of the work needed to be done, that the capitalist shall be able to command all the laborers he wants, at prices only enough to keep the laborer above the point of starvation. It means ease and luxury to the rich, wretchedness and misery to the poor. These words written in another time, are evident again today. I am again reminded of a saying many of you may be familiar with, "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it".

Friday, June 19, 2009

An Award.....

I have been feeling lousy with a real bad sinus,chest cold. I finally went to check my e-mail and found out that the very sweet Kim, at gave me this award. Now I have had problems with Blogger letting me upload awards and messing up my post for these things, but I want to thank Kim for thinking of me. I enjoy her blog and it has been on my "link list" for quite awhile. I am going to nominate some very well-known artists blogs as well as a few that you may not be aware of. They are all great blogs and I look forward to their posts. You can always click on my "Places to Visit" button to the left and find some of my favorites.
These are the rules: 1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. 2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. 3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
My Choices are:
1. (by invitation through Joy to the Blog)
Thanks again Kim. I pass this award on to these people, and although many may not post it or add it to their blog, they can at least know I think they have great blogs and hope visitors will stop by and check them out!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


All items in my Artfire shop are on sale starting today! The sale will be active until next Monday the 22nd. Stop in and check out the paintings and prints!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Button Button, Who's Got the Button?.......ME!

Today Steve and I went to the Metamora garage and antique sale. I found a few neat things. I bought the two photograph books which are full of clip art and places for photos, as well as a few rusty door plates and a couple more old jars (more about what I use the jars for in the post), and a neat pin in the shape of a Maltese cross with a English coin with the Queen on it (Steve is Maltese, and since I keep telling him I am the Queen I had to get it). Below is the jar I found at the Romeo Garage Sale Saturday. The town hosts a neighborhood garage sale each June. Steve, Stephanie, Pat, and I decided to go. We walked the streets from 7 am until 1:00, in the rain (it was light rain on and off all morning). I came to an old barn where a fellow had pulled out some old tins to sell. He had them in a box. When I opened the tins I found they had old buttons in them. Since I did not want the tins, I made him an offer just for the contents. I have to tell you first that they were filthy. It seems they belonged to his mother and he had stored them for years in the barn. I was so happy when he told me I could have the contents for $4.00! Yeah, the contents of all four of the tins. Now don't get too crazy there, they weren't "full", nor were they big tins, and there were a lot of other things in them too, but it was still fun sifting through all of it to find these.... I had to share these new finds with you. I was so excited to find that the majority of these buttons were very old. Most of them shell and glass. There were also many small buckles, snaps, hook & eye's, and what nots that I placed in another container, but finding these alone more than made it worthwhile. So many lovely shell, glass, and metal buttons. There were others too, plainer, they were sorted and put with the others in jars. For now though, lets look at these..... See these really pretty black glass rectangular buttons with a sort of deco-type image carved in them. I wonder what they were on? I have some very lovely metal buttons in here too. I just wish I could capture the shine, the soft glow many of these buttons have. Here are some of the "shell" or "mother-of-pearl", one black glass button and a neat buckle that is so small and delicate. The button with the star is an iridescent shell, I think it has some sort of silver painted on the star. (I do not possess the camera skills to capture the beauty, and detail.) These are all "glass". They do not look like it, especially the two with the color, but they are. One even had mother-of-pearl inlaid. This celluloid button is big but so light.... Look at these cool brass buttons. I will need to polish and clean them up. I have four of them and they are really different. Here are my rustic and wood buttons in this big glass jar I found at a garage sale. Many of the darker ones you might see on men's clothing or coats. I bought it because I really liked the jar, it had a few old dirty grungy buttons in it as well as a lot of dust, dirt, and bit's. After I sorted and washed the buttons, and the jar, it worked perfectly for storing these buttons, and look there is still room left! On this shelf some "newer' buttons not sorted yet, I found this jar at the Salvation Army. Some of my "favorite" little shell and glass buttons... That first jar, with the glass lid, holds my other (well most of my) favorite "shell" buttons. The other jar's hold my white and blacks, okay, "some" of my white and blacks..... Behind that middle jar? Is that MORE white and black buttons in those quart and a half jars? Steve made a nice shelf for me to place my buttons when I redid my studio. So I color sorted them into these old jars.
I had to move some colors up to the quart size.
Yeah, your not imagining it, some are two jars deep.
Lookie what's hiding back here too.....
and is that another jar of unsorted ones?
Darn almost missed these two next to my computer, hmmm, I also did not take a picture of the little cabinet with little drawers full with others waiting to be sorted.
My question is, do you think they have a "Twelve Step Program" for this?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a Lovely ""Handmade" Gift!

My friend and fellow "Blogger" Nancy VanHoose of "Her Art Nest" has become a rabid, uh, rapid, well you get the picture, knitter. Like any of her artwork her pieces are well made, impeccably done, true works of art. I was fortunate enough to be "gifted" one of her pieces in her 100th post giveaway. Just look at this, it is lovely, perfectly knitted (I knitted once long, long ago, in a faraway land, but I lacked the discipline, drive, and the ability to maintain an even tension), completely lined and look there, that lovely tag she made.
Can I tell you that not only is this a wonderful purse, and look at the lining here, it is an Asian print that matches the yarn, but it smells good too! Nancy confided that she stores her work in an old hatbox that once contained perfume bottles. I have it hanging in my studio and it's scent is wafting through the room, I love it!
I have hung up the beautiful bag in my room so that I can enjoy the fragrance and admire it. I think I will be using it for my sewing things, it is perfect for thread, scissors, floss and buttons..... and some felt to make my little mice? Thank You Nancy it is wonderful, I feel so lucky. 
Since work was "real s-l-o-w" I was sent home. So I have been sketching some ideas for a couple new paintings. I have a Birthday Princess, Hoop Girl, Girl and Bunny Party Girl, and another mermaid. I was on a run this morning. Sometimes I sit  to draw, and nothing. Then all of a sudden my mind is spilling over with ideas.
One more thing, this is important, Nancy will soon be selling her handmade bag's, (and perhaps some of her lovely journals?) on her blog! Please watch for them, you won't want to miss out! She does the neatest Felted bags too! I believe she made a beautiful felted bowl for her Partner in the "Year of Color" basket exchange. It was Gorgeous! Her partner has yet to post it, and I am thinking she probably doesn't want to share it,  because everyone would want it. I Can't blame her, I know I did when I saw it. So be patient and make sure to check Nancy's blog often. You may find something you just have to have!
Nancy VanHoose
Her Art Nest
Click on the word "Handmade" in the Post Header and it will take you right to her Blog!!!!

The Couple.....

I was taking additional photos for some of my work I have on Artfire. I hope that by seeing the pieces shot from different angles and area's it would help people decide to purchase my work. It is hard to see all the work in the photos shot straight on. You do not see the reflection of all the layers, and embellishments. The photos are also small and hard to make out sometimes. Then I took some more photos of the "couple" I painted. I have not listed this piece for sale, yet. It is a bigger piece than the others. This photo of the Girl allows you to see the paint chips I added to her hair for texture. Her eyes a metallic turquoise that reflects light. She has a beautiful jewel and many Swarovski crystals at the center of the flowers she carries. On an angle like this you can see the layers a little better and more of the stamped patterns on her dress and the background. Here is the Guy. His eyes reflect very blue, like the girl I have added texture to his hair. His face is soft, yet masculine. Layers of paper and paint help define the area around him. Glittery mettalic stars surround them both.
I took a photo on an angle so you can see some of the "layers" When you see the piece close you can see the print on the collage papers underneath. I used various papers, prints, and music.
This piece has a 1" thick frame painted a nice pink color that really sets it off and has been sealed with a light coat of beeswax. Suziblu has asked me if I will make prints of this painting, (she mentioned she would like on if I do, which was for me quite a compliment), and I may. Having it professionally scanned and printed on the right paper with colorfast archival inks is a bit costly. I am on the fence for now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cartoon Day

Okay, I just spent over an hour watching these cartoons on You Tube. I thought I would share some of my favorites! Have fun.....
Some of my friends have heard me quoting Bugs, here are some of the ones I like best...
Here is another.......Love that Daffy Too!!!
Another Great One! (I've seen better heads on a glass of Root Beer!)
Okay one more, for Terri...
One more for Me.....Love this one I wish I could have found the Opera one too.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Giveaway....Click HERE!

Okay so Sandi at Wayside Treasures is havin her 300th post giveaway. I HAD to enter this one as anyone who knows me knows I collect "bird" items as well as a vast collection of china birds. So I agreed to post this for an extra chance (do not feel obligated to enter as I want to win this one, ha ha). I just love the egg soaps, they are too cool!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Click Here to Enter...Another K C Giveaway!

To celebrate her new classes K C is having ANOTHER giveaway, and she is also giving a discount if you sign up for one of her online classes now!
So click on the post header above and sign up to win!