Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Day...

Today Steve went to see our son and to a train show. So I made pie, "five" to be exact. (p.s. Thanks Terri and Chip for taking me to Wolcotts for the apples!)Four traditional apple pies (safely in the freezer), and had just enough dough to make a one crust pie. So I looked through my favorite cookbook ( one of those social collections from women in an area of Michigan, Trenton, I believe) and found a recipe for "Dutch Apple". This one had a sour cream topping. I added some seven grain oatmeal to it, and used brown sugar. It was a big hit here with Steve and Kim! And I finished Nancy's Journal page...(hint: the black fringe and BONUSES)... that's done! Yes I finally got my leaves done for next Saturday's meeting!!!!! THANK GOODNESS they are DONE!! This was a tough one.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Angers You?

Yeah, I am ready...... I must first give credit to flickr for this image I found there..... Now since this is my "blog" I can get on my little soapbox here and vent, after all I do not have a large following as some bloggers do, but maybe the few of you out there who do read it feel the way I do. I am all about the sharing, and have been fortunate enough to run across some very generous people along the way. I try always to acknowledge a source or where I find something because after all that person was "the one" who gifted me with the fruits of their time and trouble. Am I perfect? No, I honestly have to admit some times I forget where I found something or was so quick to share I have had to "back up" and say thank you after, but when someone points me in a direction ( like when Michelle Ward shared Suzi blu's site with me) I tell people. Where am I going with all of this? I will tell you. A few days ago I came across an item having to do with photography from a site I had been led to by my employer called "" last year. I love their "Demotivators" and have shared them, and their site, with many people. I have even posted a few in a previous blog. (You can even visit Flickr where some clever people have made thier own up).I forwarded this item and the site to this Blogger via e-mail. She has shared many things, recipes, and such (and she does acknowledge where she gets those) so I wanted to share with her (she is a very good photographer). Did I expect kudos's or to see my name in big letters on the page of her blog? No, but I did think she would have dropped me an e-mail saying she found the site fun, etc., something. So I checked my e-mail, nothing. I went to her site where today I see she not only linked to this site but posted many of their items. Hey I do not own it, glad she likes them and all. Yet when I went to the comments and read many of them "thanking her for sharing" it started to annoy me. Petty? Silly? maybe, but perhaps it the feeling of being ignored while someone else enjoys the thanks of others, is just not sitting well with me. (She does mention not having the time to respond to "every" e-mail on her site, well how about just the ones who's info you use?). Hey maybe it is just a wild coincidence? (I thought I might throw that out, but I find it just soooo unlikely ). Just a little disappointed I suppose, well I will consider this a learning experience, and think twice before I do it again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Are You Ready?????

Here it is.........
Yes I know it's winter and I live in Michigan, and it is nice having a "White Christmas", still when you wake to this it's hard. It just seems to last so long and you know it will get worse. This was just a "dusting" according to the weather-person, and the not so distant memories of 4", 6" and 10" snowfalls loom just ahead for the next few months.
I guess this on top of all the economic problems going on right now, it seems a bit much. I have never hated the snow, actually wishing for it around the holiday's. Perhaps it's my age? The thought of scraping windows. waiting for the car to warm up, and driving in rush hour traffic before a salt truck has graced us with their presence has just become to much to face. Still I knew it was coming, and I have lived here long enough to know it will come, what was I thinking? I don't know, maybe I was hoping for another "El Nino".
For those of you familiar with the "Walgreen's" commercials, about the town of "Perfect" where everything goes the way you want it, in my vision this stuff ends the day after New Years Eve, followed by an early spring.

Journal Making

Aren't these nice? Saturday I attended a "Journal" making class at Terri's. We were treated to a homemade breakfast of buttermilk pancakes, breakfast casserole, and hot coffee. I met a couple new students of Terri's, Rose and Ilsa, two very enthusiastic ladies Terri's has met along the way. Along with Kim, Nancy, Therese, and myself we were guided through making signatures, working with modeling paste, and faux metal techniques.
I would like to mention that I have taken a journal making class before, one where I made a journal from a pair of gloves and I was so frustrated, confused, and disappointed that I thought I might never try it again. I must to say that this class was the exact opposite. I had a great time, and my head began to immediately race with thoughts of making more of them.
Originally taught by Jackie Sullivan, Terri put her own spin on a few things, and had everything prepared for us. We all walked out with great looking journals and feeling lucky to have been a part of this class.
Thanks Terri!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting it Out

Thanksgiving Thought....... I am funny about certian things, I find that these de-motivational clips strike a funny bone in me. Perhaps it is because they are laced with a little truth that most of us can identify with. For me when I am a little down, I read them and laugh. Why? Perhaps it is because at times when I feel there is nothing I can do about what is going on in my life, or with those I love, it allows me to step back and see a bit of "humor" in the situation. In this time when "retirement" seems to be a dream we may never reach, or just finding or keeping a job is almost an impossibility, it helps to release some of the anxiety in my life with a few good chuckles. I thought I would share a few
with you.
Okay I think there are times we all want to administer a little of this....
This one struck me as funny, I just started laughing.....
So here is one more....... I love this one too, but I don't think Steve found it as funny...... I hope you got a little chuckle and if you want to see more of these check out "" , and on Flickr where a few "Clever Cleavers" have made up their own!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Sunday Out....

This was the rug we chose. It has the same golden ochre color in it as the walls, and althought it looks black it is actually a dark chocolate brown backround. It covers a good portion of the floor, I wish it would have been wall to wall. I know people are now in love with wood floors, but I still love carpeting, especially one's like these with older patterns in them. So what do you think? I like it and it makes it feel a little cozier now..
Look at all the goodies I found yesterday. Yeah, from some fun ephemera, to an assortment of jewelry tools from a place closing for half-price, to some lace trim. Steve and I had decided to just spend the day wandering. We then decided to go to the Gibralter Trade Center to look at some area rugs for our room. That's when we found the tools. We also stopped to check out a local flea market. We had so much fun just looking and being together we decided we need to do this more often.

Some Halloween Fun....

Another wonderful "Pre-Halloween" walk through on Tillson St. Where many enjoyed the hospitality of Linda and Doug Pritchard who "by invitation" open their home to those family and friends that come by to preview the Halloween Decorations of those families that live on the street. By seven the streets were so crowded you waited, and waded through all the onlookers who, like myself, enjoy Halloween and love a good scare. I wish I had a better camera, or at least more skill with the one I have, that would have allowed me to get photos of all the various display's. From Doug's corpse rising from his casket, to the glowing fellow in the electric chair, the lost pirates whose skeletons were still enjoying thier rum, as well as the creepy fellow playing his pipe organ as spectres dancing about.......
You see here the delicious spread Linda has out for all those who crave a "bite" before the walk. Her tree is up all year and is decorated according to the season. Above a photo of the kitchen where another "mock" fireplace mantle is decorated, as well as a small red hutch.
The "Spooky Hearth" decorated and complete with the "Dorian Gray" image above, framed with skulls......
Hmmm, the quiet before the storm, in the cozy front room,
Again Thank You Linda and Doug, for both your hospitality and letting me photograph your home.