Monday, September 29, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Lord, as long as the President is going to print up billions of dollars to bail out all those nice RICH bankers, could you please have him print up a few for me. It will make all the taxes I, my children, my grandchildren, great grandchildren will have pay back for them, doing any minimum wage work left in this country a little easier to take. Sure Lord, I know it's nothing but paper backed by lies, debt and promises, but perhaps we could use it to buy a loaf of bread, or burn for heat.  Just a billion or so, a mere trifle by "Bankers and Wall Street" standards. Oh, and lord don't worry that by just "bailing" me out that I might start acting responsible and pay it back with interest, I will let those less fortunate pay it back, just like those nice RICH bankers or Wall Street Big Shots.  I am sure with homeland security the President knows my account number so feel free to have him direct deposit the money to my account, in Euro's if possible. Thank You.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Ties That Bind

So you see here two charms I recently contributed to the "Ties That Bind" project. For those not familiar with this, it is an Altered Art colaboration to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research. I did not know that September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I just stumbled upon the banner in a blog and thought I would check it out. I then decided maybe I could help. I have made "charms". So I contacted Kris Henderson and asked. She replied right away, yes, "if" I could have it there before the September 30th deadline. I mailed them out yesterday. I also told a few friends about it, and I see that Terri (Blooming Ideas) has also decided to participate. These altered ties and charms are being used to decorate an Art Doll form, which will be auctioned off. So many wonderful and talented people have donated their time to this project. Check out the site, and if you can help, here is your chance:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Just Needed a Laugh

I just couldn't help myself, this was just too funny. I was in need of a laugh. So I wandered the Internet looking for things to inspire my work in Vicky's journal. It may sound strange, but I think I could do a whole page of these quirky, satirical things and she would love it (not what I plan though).

This isn't getting my page done and I should stop here and get busy. I foolishly tore my craft room apart last week, and while the closet project turned out great, it created a state of chaos in the room. So I have to work and finish up the page. Thank goodness I was able to have a "bird" intervention last week. Terri was witness to me tearing them apart and doing them over. Now I am happy with them, yet I have one more thing to add before I proclaim I am done there too.

Right now Vicky is at Crittenton Hospital waiting for the birth of her first grandchild! She has been waiting since Megan started labor yesterday afternoon. Let's all wish them the best.

I need to get the meal coordinated for the Art Weekend at Nancy's yet too! So no playing this weekend! Which is hard because I have my new toy (my computer), but I am going to be good and work on Vicky's journal page first.......yes that first......I mean it this time