Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Number Are You?

You Are 6: The Loyalist
You have strong relationships and are intensely loyal.
People find you easy to love and care for.

You like your world to be stable and secure, no surprises.
You're cautious. You prefer your inner circle to the outside world.

At Your Best: You are courageous, a positive thinker, and expressive. You can take on the world.

At Your Worst: You are secretly insecure - which makes you sarcastic, cold, and argumentative.

Your Fixation: Doubt

Your Primary Fear: Abandonment

Your Primary Desire: Security and support

Other Number 6's: Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Jay Leno, Marilyn Monroe, and Julia Roberts.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy B-Day Honey!

Today is Steve's Birthday!!!! (and Memorial Day) He is a great guy and yesterday we had a bar-b-que to celebrate. Well some of us, since Kim was at a concert and John was doing something....another story there. Still it was a beautiful day out and we went tot he flea market then had a nice time with Steph and Pat.

Which Austen Character are you?

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

What a surprise! Mother's Day was a bit sad, rainy and boring. Today at work these beautiful roses were delivered. My daughter Steph and her boyfriend Pat sent me these, aren't they lovely? Not to mention a small box of chocolates. They are just so pretty. I did receive a lovely hand made brass box from Kimberly and flowers from DH Steven. This was a real nice surprise. Thank You.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Has It been That Long?

Really? I guess I am going to have to make more of an effort here. It is just that I am busy. My youngest graduates High school this year. I had a nice "getaway" weekend at a friends where we worked on our Tea Party altered book project. I also finished my pages for the house book project, and my ATC's. Now I have to do a page in my journal to share and a collage heart for the next exchange. You would think that would be enough, but no I invited a couple friends over to solder tomorrow. Not one to leave well enough alone I also booked us (three of us meeting at my home)all to take a wire wrapping class at the local bead shop. Why? Because I thought it would tie in nicely with the soldering? Who know's I am a little ADD with art. One thing takes me to another and before you know it I am going in ten different directions.Silly really since you cannot do it all. Still there is so much out there I want to try. I was doing the suzi blu journal thing but she hasn't really had anything new, I know, like I need more. Well I do have more time now that my hours were cut. I have applied for other jobs but there doesn't seem to be any and I think, that because I still have a job no one takes me seriously. I am taking Cookie to "puppy socialization" Saturday. She is so timid and needs to get more comfortable with other dogs. I will also get a chance to ask the trainer about Nuala. Seems she has some of her mothers "dominance" issue's. I want to nip that in the bud.