Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Moment Please....... A Giveaway!!!!!

"Ah-hmm, pardon me Madam."
"Yes, Sebastian, what is it?"
"Well Madam, I noticed it was time."
"Time for what, Sebastian?"

"Your Blog Madam, it is time to make an announcement on your Blog."

"Whatever do you mean by announcement Sebastian?"

"I believe it is regards to this being your 100th post, Madam."
"Has it been that many? Oh dear I suppose I should celebrate by giving something away."

"Might I make some suggestions Madam?"
"Why yes Sebastian, what do you think would do for such an occasion?"

"Well perhaps Madam would consider offering one of these fine archival prints she has of her paintings?"

"Hmmm, Do you really think they would like that?"

"Well Madam could always let them choose from the prints she has listed on her Artfire site. Then they could pick the one that suits them, like this lovely one here."
"Oh I think that's a splendid idea Sebastian. Any other thoughts?"

"If Madam is feeling particularly 'Saucy' she might be inclined to offer to make one of her fine little stuffed mice, like this example here."
"Yes I could make it in a color they prefer, on a little cushion too, like the one I made for Kana's May basket exchange."

"Yes and all they would need to do is leave a comment on this post to enter. If they would like to double their chance they could "follow" your blog, and to enter their name three times perhaps they post about your giveaway on their blog?"
"Don't you think that's asking a lot Sebastian?"
"Heavens no Madam, why posting takes but a minute, and with such lovely prizes I cannot help but think that everyone will want extra chances to win. Why I know Madam herself loves to win handmade lovelies." "Madam if I wasn't an employee I myself would start a blog, just so I could post about this fine giveaway (*wink*)."

"Thank You Sebastian, I will do that then. I will offer a choice of any print, or a handmade mouse. They just need leave a comment for a chance, double their chance for following my blog, and triple them if they mention this post on their blog, or link to it!"

"Very good Madam, now if that is all I will retire to my post, and Madam,"

"Yes Sebastian?"
"May I be the first to offer my Congratulations."
"Thank You Sebastian. I should mention here that I will draw the winner this Sunday evening. May 3rd."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Look at What Arrived today!!!

Kana has received her basket!!! So now I can show you the mouse i made for her.....
I have participated in the "Year of Color May Basket Swap". My "swap partner" Ms. Kana Conger in Tennessee was really on the ball. You see we were to have mailed out our baskets by today. I mailed hers early this morning. Well today while at work, Steven called to tell me I had received a box from Tennessee.
I did not think too much about initially, because my good friend Cathy lives in Tennessee, so I thought it must be from her. No, it was from Kana! Gosh she was early. I did not know if I was supposed to wait until May 1st, so I emailed her right away to let her know it had arrived.  Dare I ask, I couldn't wait... please don't ask me to wait.
Her response, "Yes, open it", so I decided to share this with all of you. I have to admit it was very hard making myself stop long enough to take photo's...... 
Here it is, waiting for me to open it......big box, but oddly very light....
I carefully opened it and brought out the sweetest basket, in two of my color favorites a light turquoise blue and Pink! Just look at all that yummy-ness! 
I started to take everything out ( for a while I thought the basket was bottomless) it was  loaded with goodies!!!!  Do your see the "vintage talc" tin and the pretty bird (I collect birds, and the tin is wonderful). There were pretty bits of bling in containers, ribbons, a buckle, and trim, and a little notebook decorated just for me! A matching pretty pale green vintage handkerchief and finger towel all wrapped with silk ribbon. Along with all these treasures a couple of surprise packages. Wow! Look at all that lovely trim wrapped on bingo cards, a picture frame made with music paper!
The second package contained this lovely bookmark she made, I love to read but this is way to pretty to hide in a book.....
Here it all is, carefully placed back into the basket. I will eventually put it all away, and I will definitely use all these lovely gifts. For now though, I want to savor all the beauty, and admire all the work put into this amazing swap!! Kana, thank you so much, I feel so lucky to have been matched with so generous and creative a partner. I hope you will like what I have sent... (I am feeling a little guilty here,  I just hope she likes what I have sent) .....I cannot thank you enough!
For those who would like to see where this creative lady blogs, well take a look here and enjoy 

Glittery Fun.....

Queen Mouie and Lady Bun Bun I decided to see what my "Queen Mouie" and Kim's "Lady Bun Bun" looked like all "blinged" out. I even added crowns. What do you think? I had fun adding all the sparkle to these little lovelies, now I want to hurry and finish "La Senorita" mouse and "Fairy Mouse" and play with them. Check out the post below, my friends and I had fun on Friday, then my daughter and I made a day of it Saturday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Projects...

Here is what I did this weekend. I have been working on little mice. Aren't they cute? What started as a fun project with a couple of friends has become a bit of an obsession for me lately. Friday my friends Nancy (Her Art Nest) and Terri (Blooming Ideas) came over to play. Nancy made her little dressed up mouse, with a little help from me, and Terri made a "fairy" mouse. I had made one for an exchange earlier ( I cannot show her here, maybe after she arrives at her new home ) and she was too cute. I made her a ballerina but with all she needed was wings to be a fairy. Well I as usual got nothing done myself, but then on Saturday my daughter Kim, wanted to make one, oh, but not a mouse, she wanted to make a "Queen Bunny'. While I showed her how I had made the skirt and such for mine, she did all but a few steps herself. Now these babies range from 2.75" to Kim's 4" bunny. In the meantime I did these, and althought they are not done I wanted to share them with you..... My little cheetah "senorita" mouse (I need a red rose and the lace veil yet)
A soon to be finished "fairy mouse", she still needs "bling" and "wings".
Here is Kims finished "Queen Bunny" and her friend, my Mouie!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boo is gonna hate me.....

This is Bailey (a.k.a.) "The Boo". He is sporting a raggedy belly band because it is "spring" and the hormones are a'flowing. This causes much distress to Mr. Boo. So we have finally made the choice to have the "surgery" done. Yes, Mr. Boo is going to give it up this Tuesday. 
Mr. Boo is a registered Yorkshire Terrier. He has fathered "three" litters,  so it isn't like he hasn't had a good time in his life. It's just he really, really gets way to worked up now when females go into heat, or gosh forbid another male (even a neutered one) stops by for a visit. Oh he is a sweetie, but he feels the need to mark. Hence the belly band (notice the wear and tear, and he has two that look like this). I have ordered a new one, but hope that the need for it will dissipate a few months after the surgery.
Here are his two daughters...... Nuala and Cookie (Cookie is the one with long hair, she is a daughter from the second mating with Bella, and Nuala is from his first mating with Butters). Nuala is shaved like her daddy for the summer because their fur is much thicker and their hair mattes' easily.  Cookies fur is much thinner and wiry so I leave it long, she is also Steve's girl and hangs by her "food" source whenever he is around. Nuala is the opportunist, be it food, a toy, or an open place to lie she will cozy up to almost anyone, provided they have one of the above.
These two are lounging on Steve's legs. Cookie is also going in to be spade. She is a year old and finished her first heat. Nuala was spade years ago (she is three and a half) so she is the only one not having to deal with the vet this week. I have just given all of them their distemper, parvo, and Lepto shots and they are feeling a bit punky today. Cookie needs her Rabies, but will get that when she goes in.
It is going to be an expensive week, as I am also letting them get the heart worm test done while they are under (except Nuala who will just have the heart worm). However since my two dogs, my daughters dog Trixie, and my other daughters rabbit, as well as my nieces two dachshund mixes are all going in for spade and neuters the vet is cutting us a discount.
Mr. Boo is my boy, and a real "Drama King" and I know when he comes home Wednesday it will be awhile before he comes to sit by me. It took a day before he would even look at me after he was shaved.  You notice in the picture above he was lounging not with the girls and Steve, or even with me as usual. No, he was upset with me, after the shot, and decided to just glare at me from the top of the sofa. I had to say "treat" to get him to even lift is head and make eye contact with the camera.
Of course if I really wanted to make amends I would offer him his drug of choice, the "ball", or as we call it here "Bailey Crack". There is nothing he cannot forgive for a half hour of chasing, and drooling over his beloved ball. So now  I am off to make it up to him for the shot, since he won't be able to run around like a crazy man after Tuesday for a while.
It's going to be a cold week here in Michigan, and I am not talking about the weather.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Yes, I have now posted some artwork for sale on "Artfire". It is just a humble beginning. Please take a moment to stop in and check it out. You can scroll down to the right and click on my Artfire logo. It is a "work in progress" as I am new to the whole internet store experience. 
I have been asked about some of my work in the past and decided to see how serious people are about purchasing some of my work. So take a moment to see and let me know what you think.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunny Day

What a nice sunny day out. Steve and I headed out to pick up some things at the store for dinner tomorrow. Even though my daughter Steph is in Ohio with her boyfriend,  Kim is house and pet sitting for her, and we haven't heard if our son John will be joining us, I am still making a ham. So I needed to buy a few things, then stop at the bead shop to buy a few blingy's for my project I am working on. I even stopped and bought a chocolate bunny (from Choo-choo Chocolates in Oxford) for each of them. I bought the smallest size this year, after all they are all grown, but my children are spoiled, and I would hear about it if I did nothing. I picked up "Peeps" for Steve (his favorite) and peanut butter eggs for John.  So I have to bag up their treats tonight.
While we were at the store I saw these pretty tulips. They were so pale and sweet I decided to treat myself and buy a bunch. I placed them in the turquoise vase Steph gave me. I set them on the counter in my kitchen to take a photo to share with you. I did paint the cups on the shelf above and the two crocks ( not the three stacked cups though).
Now back to my doll decision. I have been going back and forth all week. It has been hard because either the doll I wanted was out, or a pre-order. I really liked this doll his name is "Black Butler" I love his hair. He is my choice in the male dolls. You really can't tell on some of the male dolls if they are guy's or gals. Must be a Japanese/Anime thing? I have plastered his cute face to my wish list. I have thrown out the hint, we will see.
Here is what I finally "Pre-Ordered". Yep, I am getting "Mir". I just love her pale complexion and her beautiful garb. Now if I can just get my family to get me Butler?
I found her here and she is shipped from Chicago which is closer, also I found their shipping less and the dolls about $10.00 less on average :  http://www.pullipstyle.com

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pullip Dolls

Okay I blame Suzi Blu for turning me onto these neat dolls from Japan. I am taking her Petite Dolls class and she was talking about looking at dolls and images for inspiration. Well she "suggested" using "Pullip" type dolls (and there are so many types, although I think the Pullip are my favorites). However be warned, these are not inexpensive little toys. While they are so much less expensive that the "Blythe" dolls ( I recall Tasha bought one, she must have sold a kidney). Those dolls cost the really big bucks, even on ebay. So after wrestling with all the choices, I managed to narrow down my choice to these two pretty babies. The first comes with 2 crows, and a mask that looks like a bird. I have to say she is in the number 1 spot for me, why? because I love all that black,.....and she has "birds", I collect birds. Yet the second doll is so very pretty and about 25% less. I wish I understood the pricing, it must be based on popularity, because I really want the "boy" doll, but well, he is a bit more. If you get a chance check out these lovelies at this site, just remember, it's not my fault if you fall in love, http://thevalleyofthedolls.com/ Here she is "Neo Noir" (I just think she is too cool, she comes with 2 crows also) Sort of Morticia does Phantom of the Opera, I love her long hair. This is "Ala" she is much prettier up close (although the boots are a real trip aren't they?). Sort of a "Angel of Vegas Show Girls" don't you think? So which one? Which one? As much as I love both of them I cannot afford two, and as it is, I will have to save for just the one. Of course by then I may have a new favorite, they have so many and have even more coming out (Yeah I got my eye on "Mir" also, now she is beautiful).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Have all five players!!!

Yes, I have all five for the R.A.K. I want to thank all of them for playing. I will be contemplating their surprises and planning when to send them..... Thanks to all five! And now for Something Completely Different........ A Give-away! These lovely, creamy confections are being given away. Hurry over to http://vintagechicbride.blogspot.com/ and enter to win them! This blog has some interesting post regarding wedding traditions, their origins which are fun to read! So hop over and check it out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I Still Need "ONE" More Player...

I am participating in the R.A.K. (see post below). Come on now I just know you want to receive a little surprise in the mail... here is your chance. What will I send? Well thats a surprise. When, ah, thats a surprise too. So come along and join me for some fun. Just leave a comment in the post and join!

Ahhhhh, She Got Me.....

So, I receive a call from my friend Terri saying I have to hurry home (Steve and I were out playing with our new GPS) to check out her latest Post.......I thought I washed that big "sucker" sign off my forehead? I guess not, she must know I am a sucker for these giveaways. Come one now surely there are five other suckers, er, uh, I mean "Wonderful, Thoughtful, Generous, Players" out there? Hello?.... Hello?..... Is this thing on? Random Acts of Kindness
Give Away & Pass It On - Random Acts of Kindness Alert - my turn to pass this on after participating with http:/terrisbloomingideas.blogspot.com/, that Terri is such an enabler! The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully: -I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. - What I pick will be just for you. - It'll be done this year (2009). - You have no clue what it's going to be. It will be something made in the real world and not something cyber. It may be a handmade card, or jewelry, something lovely made out of paper, beads, or a random treasure. Who knows? - I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

And in return, all you need to do is post this text into a blog of your own and make 5 things for 5 others. Won't this be fun???? Don't all rush now to join me........

Do not post if you are "begging", I do not condone begging for money. I am not a charity and will delete any such comments!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Thoughts.....

Okay I hope you are laughing as hard as I was when I saw this.  This man is obviously "joking" but it is more ridiculous than a person posting a comment on someones blog "Begging" for money? If any of you have been to "Terri's Blooming Ideas" (in my blog list), then let me first tell you what a sweet person and good friend she is.  Oh, I like to tease and give her a hard time (always with a wink and a laugh) now and again, but I don't think she ever expected the "creepy" and "rude" post she received on her blog today.
Terri decided to participate in a R.A.K. giveaway, and of course wanted me to play too. As we chatted she became quiet and a bit upset. Someone ( located in another country) had posted a comment to the R.A.K. Only this creep did not want to exchange, or have fun, he wanted money. 
I have to admit Terri was not the only one upset with the comment post, (he came across as rude with comments like "What is a few dollars or Euros to you?") I tend to take offense with those who use religious images, faith,  or even worse their children, as vehicle to ask for money. Then go one step further and hop onto peoples blogs and post solicitations for money!
So of course, I had to respond, it's what I do (which may account for my lack of followers here,  I'm guessin'). I tend to be a bit protective when it comes to family and friends. I went to one of his many blogs (does he do this for a living, this person who obviously has much time to beg on his many blogs?) and left a comment on his blog. I told him "shame on you" and how he should not use peoples blogs to prey on others. 
His response's to my comment, which were both Vulgar and riddled with Obscenities,  have been deleted. This man feels entitled to beg, and has little or no conscious, or it seems, consideration for others. After reading his responses, I came away feeling he is probably a con, like those letters from the Nigerian Embassy wanting you to enter into a business venture by holding money for them in your account. What was your account number mam?
Just warning you out there, not bad enough we have e-mail spammers, now we have "Blog-Spammers" too! Whatever the case, Joshua, I hope you will stop begging on peoples blogs.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For Therese.....

It has been brought to may attention (yes I heard, Therese), that I have not posted in a "week". Talk about peer pressure. I have been a bit busy lately, with taxes, my children and trying to work on a few things to list on Artfire (hmm, yes, I will be selling some of my work), and I don't think it had been that long, but Therese is home recuperating from surgery and is getting impatient for me to update. So this post is dedicated to her. I ran around with my camera and snapped some photo's here and there around the house, things I have painted, and some recent finds. So here Therese, some eye candy for you. I hope you are feeling better and can join us soon for some fun. Last Friday I had Terri (Blooming Ideas) and Nancy (Her Art Nest) over for tea and sweets (biscotti, cupcakes, and cookies). We spent the afternoon making adorable stuffed mice. So cute! We have a "challenge" going on and have to dress a mouse for April. Perhaps we will all post them so you can vote? I used my Archivers coupons and bought both tiers of the "Clip-it". I managed to get most of my stamps on it. I have more stamps, but this is full. This does make it easier to see my stamps and get to them.
I have been working on paintings to list for sale. Here are two that I am working on now.
A mermaid painting, waiting for beeswax, soon to be listed on Artfire!
Here is another painting , that will also be for sale soon.I thought I might also share some of my previous work so here is a lamp shade I painted. It has been china painted and fired several times.
What it looks like all "lit" up....
Here is a full view.... sorry it is so dark, I am a bad photographer.
Here is the shade from one of two matching lamps I have painted. My front room used to be painted a nice cranberry color, they looked nice against the rich background. Here I think they look a bit washed out.
Here is "one" of the lamps full view (the middle part was painted also).
This last weekend I stopped at a flea market/craft show at our local K of C Hall and found this neat cabinet for our bathroom for $15.00! It is much larger than the older one, and has these neat cubbies on the sides. Steve hung it up right away for me.
Aren't these dishes pretty? I found them there also....
Like I needed another set of dishes, but these were just so pretty and only one was chipped. A set of eight (Homer Laughlin), a platter, veggie bowl, sugar and creamer. (I can just here Terri and Nancy laughing, and they "think" they know how much of this stuff I have)
So there you have it. I hope this holds you for a bit Therese, (hey, I thought you were starting your blog now? Send me the link okay?)
P.S. Hey everyone...Please hop over to Michelle Wards blog. She has made some new stamps. Part of the proceeds are going to help a family that has lost their home to a fire. I do not know how long she will be doing this so hurry over! She is so sweet, and her stamps are wonderful!