Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making of a Journal

I have to give credit here to Donna Downey, who we are so brazenly imitating (I hope she doesn't mind) for inspiring this attempt. Here is also where I mention that I do not scrap-book, yet was drawn to the cheery coloring and very altered way she approached it in this project. I would love to take a class with her one day but until that time I will have to plug away on my own (and with the help of friends). That said, Terri, Nancy (two very talented ladies) and I played on this project all day Friday and are still working on it. Learning along the way. I must now make an effort to collect some photo's for this project, as I am a crappy photgrapher and do not have a habit of taking them (part of the reason for the whole not scrap-booking thing).
I like the bright colors and having fun making it up as we go along. I also like all the painting and doodling I get to do. Tricky business painting on those acrylic sheets though. I think the secret is to spray with fixative first then add paint, then give a day to completely dry before playing with it. (remember I am winging this). I cannot wait to see what the other's come up with since we seem to be doing our own thing. I have to wrap it up soon, I still have Vicky's journal page, and some birds for a project to do yet!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


No, this isn't me....but she is so cute in her little polka-dot witch costume. Had a nice time Saturday at my sister Kim's home in "Snover". Nancy, Terri, Vicky, Kim, and I had our monthly "art" meeting. First though we went to the Mennonite Store and Erla's for sausage and meat (boy was my car stuffed with all manner of goodies to take home). We made (well they made I putzed as usual and my project's are still in pieces waiting) CD clocks and fans, then exchanged our journals (finally). Yeah last month Kim and I were brave and were the only ones to exchange, but this month everyone had to. So I have Vicky's...hmmm what to do. I think Kim liked what I did in hers, she did a lovely job on mine. The hardest part is seeing them briefly then handing them over to someone else right away. Still they will be so cool when they are done. Terri and Nancy (brats) have been working on their covers and doing additional pages. Hey I am lucky I exchanged with Kim or I might have not done anything (like someone else, who's name I won't mention).

P.S. Johnny got a call yesterday from UPS asking him to come in next Monday to get his photo ID. Do you think that means he got the job???? I am afraid to say for sure yet......waiting will be hard.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Latest Slideshow......For Terri G. (because she asked)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Clean Windows at last! Okay maybe not such a big deal to many but for me and my twenty-six window-ed home (not including the ten on the front porch and the seven on the back porch) , that's a lot of window to clean. I am most fortunate to have a great husband who once I start jumps right in to help me. How did I start? As usual I have been hinting, well bugging DH to power-wash the house. We had road work since March and the dirt.....well lets say I could have planted flowers in the sills there was so much dirt in them from it all. So he dragged out the washer and did the house. I in turn washed the inside windows and all the pesky (and this is the reason I have always disliked mini-blinds)blinds. When I had to stop at three to take Kim for her appointment he took over inside. Today we did the front porch windows too. I need to do the back porch yet, but for now it is just so nice to look out and see a clear view. It just looks so much nicer like this. While these are the nice Wallside windows, and they tilt in for "easy" cleaning, they are rather heavy when you rest them on your legs while cleaning. I have bruises all along my thighs. Still worth it, I just love clean windows....

Monday, July 7, 2008

I painted this. A hummingbird on a bell ornament. My daughter Stephanie decided I had made it for her, so she took it. My other daughter wanted it so I painted one on a mug for her. It was painted all around with trumpet flowers, which right now you cannot see. I still have another fire to go, it takes several firings to get all the color I like, and one more for any gold or enamel. I was looking at these pictures and thinking how much I miss painting. I enjoy doing it but so many things get in the way. I found some pictures of things I painted. I tried to take a picture of what I painted ( I was bad about signing the items though).
I wish our house would sell so Steve could retire and we could move. then I could work part-time and have more time to do things like this. I am just so tired after work and making dinner. The weekends just fly by.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fouth of July

Shall I tell you what's happening? No, not yet. Too painful. Been a very tumultuous week here. We did get good news (well almost). John got to the wire with his quest for a job. UPS has him waiting for an opening to start him. He is in line with about7 other guys for the job. Still there is a lot of turnover and he may get in, at least that was what he has been told. Say a prayer tonight he gets a call next week. Today is the Fourth of July. Rather quiet downtown. Usually busy and noisy all day with the fair in town. This year the economy and the price of gas has kept people home and so the carnival didn't even get started till about 1:00. Steve and I were amazed at how quiet the day has been. No firecrackers, kids yelling and screaming. Every once in a while you hear something, but it doesn't last. We are home today waiting.....someone was due home this week and we still have not heard anything. I am enjoying the calm, before the storm.