Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Spoolie Swap

One day I was perusing blogs, and came across 521 Lake Street blog. She was hosting a "Spoolie" swap and i thought wow this looks like a fun swap. One problem, I was late to sign up. I wasn't the only one who was late. Donna, Tea Loving Lady was also late. So we got together and decided to swap with each other.
Since we agreed though Donna has had some devastating news regarding a family member. So I will post what I sent her, since she is will be unable to do one for me.

I made this card a while ago. Yet is was very much the girlie-pink style Donna indicated she liked.

 I bought a sweet box at Michaels with pretty pink water colored flowers and a magnetic latch. Inside I placed some pretty washed pink pearls, a silver teaspoon and a floral pic in pink. I also tucked a necklace I made her.......
 You see here some of the items I sent, some yummy teas, some sweet cards, and Easter pin (this was supposed to be Easter but I favored a more everyday pink fun theme. the pin and the sweet little chick were all the Easter I included. You can't see the lovely crocheted doilies and the little embellishment's I made..
 Here is the "Spoolie" I made. She is one of my sweet little mice. She is sitting on a larger spool I purchased at the Urban Merchant, a lovely shop in Romeo MI. I wrapped a several feet of lace around it.
 She is dressed in Spring Pinks and and he little tuffet does double duty as a pin cushion. On her head is a little crown, she is bedecked with jewels and hold her scepter is a lovely pin. Donna is a quilter and she can keep this sweet little lady nearby to hold her needles.
So there it is. another swap completed.  I am hoping this brings a little joy into my partners day. She is facing a difficult time in her family right now. we are going through something similar here with my Mother-in-law. I happy to be able to finish this up and send it before things get too crazy here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013