Friday, August 15, 2008

The Latest News!

Well let me start off with telling everyone my son John is back home in Michigan! While I feel bad that his move to Tennessee did not go as he planned, I cannot help but be overjoyed to see him again.
He is so lucky to work for a great company that wanted him back here, they weren't even willing to wait and helped him get back this week. I hope he finds a new band to play with and that he continues pursuing his music.
As for Steve, well they layed off 300 workers and he told me yesterday they are laying off another 30-50 this week. They will go on a four day work week and offer buy-outs too. How I wish our home would sell so we could take the buy-out . So far nothing, but then they are eliminating jobs left and right, so who has any money. Yet they are building more strip malls and we just had two new little stores open up here downtown? I hope soon someone will show up. In the meantime I am going to take apart and paint my "craft" room (pronounced "crap" room by my family).
Stephanie (oldest daughter) just added another pup to her kennel, a cute pit-something. Kim has her new computer and books and is ready for college to begin (yeah Kim). As we rapidly move into fall and my favorite season, I would really like to hear some good news out there. I keep hoping.

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