Sunday, February 28, 2010

OWOH Winnings!!!! Part 2

Wow here is a bracelet I won from Carol Ann in Australia! Not only did she send this gorgeous beaded bracelet (did you notice the lovely heart in the dangle?). Not only did she send me my winnings in a cute handmade box, and the lovely handmade card, but she sent the neat tea towel with the Kiwi's for Steph and Pat, as a wedding gift! How sweet is she! She included a card with a picture of these neat little birds along with it. I cannot wait until Steph come over so I can give it to her. Please visit her blog and Etsy Shoppe Here!
She was very excited when I told her that Carol Ann had thought of her.
Here is it, isn't it lovely? I just love the little heart. Thank You Carol Ann!
Here is another little winning from Michelle at Nook and Cranny Gifts! I was so happy to win this. I plan on putting it on Bailey once he has healed and is better from his surgery. It is so darn cute! I have three yorkie's so I may need to order one for each of the girls too. Thank You Michelle!
and now for something completely different.....
Presenting the band my son John is in......
Seasons of Eden
(he is the handsome bass player to the right)
Last night was their CD Release performance. We sat through two other bands, Half Light, an up and coming band we really enjoyed. Then Downtown Brown, this was the band John started with years ago. He joined them for this performance and pops in and out playing with them.
Currently though he is playing with Seasons of Eden. They have been played on 89X (88.7 fm) and are developing quite a following.
Here is a photo of John, I managed to fight the crowd to get........
It was a great turnout, my sisters came , Kim's family Joseph (husband), Sarah, and Joey. My sister Cheryl, her son Ernie and stepson Evan. My daughters Kim and Steph and her fiance Pat. As well as so many of Johns friends that I haven't seen since high school. I think we took up a whole corner of the room. It was so nice to be there for him with all these people there to support them!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

debra! it's been ages! so glad to hear all is well and everyone is fine! wonderful "winnings" and son's band is totally awesome!

stay well, my friend.

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

I am so glad you like the bandana. Please send a pic when Bailey has the bandanda on, Willy Wonka would like to see him.
Thanks for sharing.

Terri said...

I think it is amazing how busy you have been and of the blogs you happened to visit and enter the OWOH that you one so many. How cool is that.Beautiful items!
I tried to watch the video...having some technical difficulties and will try again. John must of felt great to have all that support. Glad you all had a good time.

Terri said...

oh my goodness...what is wrong with my head ..did I really write one..I meant to write WON! duh.

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