Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay this is not a photo of "our" garage roof, but close enough to help give you an idea of what I came home to Tuesday. You see as I mentioned in the previous post, the church next door is expanding their parking lot. They hired a company to demolish the old house they had used for their youth classes.

This house sat right behind our garage, oh, about 4 feet away. Although they were careful it seems while they were pulling down the one wall it "snapped" in two and the wall fell on our garage.

My daughter heard it from inside our house (the garage is not attached, and a good 10 feet from the back porch). She called me at work, while I was trying to install and learn our new payroll program. I had her send me a photo on her camera, showing me how it had crushed the right corner of the garage roof.

Since nothing was "exposed" I did not rush home. I had to get the new program in and done so that the employees could get paid, and really what could I do. I called our insurance and waited for them to send someone out to access the damage. When I finally arrived home the workers came to me and explained what had happened.

They apologized and the owner of the company called and assured us they would make good on the repairs. So they had their builder over stripping the shingles and repairing the roof. Just one more thing going on here.

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

holy crap! i hope they pay your deductible too!