Friday, June 3, 2011

Bound for Scotland!

Finally I have the package ready to send to my friend Sarah, in Scotland. Amongst all the goodies I will be sending over (cut chipboard pieces, papers, floral sprays, and her ribbon order) this banner I made for her. We had said we wanted to to a banner swap. We were shooting for last Christmas, but with work and the holidays it was put off. I made up my mind though that before I sent her this package, which I have had here accumulating items, I would get the banner done. Yeah!! It's done! I kept is purposely simple, and although her favorite color is green, I didn't know where she would be keeping it.
Sarah is really into the "shabby chic" style right now and that narrowed it down. I used vintage music papers to cover the stars, then using an old (yellowed and a bit brittle in spots) receipt book I made the rosettes. I then cut out letters and added black glitter. I added silver glitter to the medallions in the centers, some vintage seam binding bows and ties and there you have it. I think she would be able to use it anywhere in her home or crafty cottage.
I also made her one of my mice. Here is the "Wee Little Scottish Mouse" I made for her. Sitting on a pincushion, holding her small baton, or sceptre. Perhaps she needs a wee hat? I really like the sporran I put together, using a bit of leather, and some recycled jewelry bits.
I hope to have this package mailed out next week. I was shooting for this week, but wanted to make sure all the glued bits on the banner were dry before packing it up. Now I have to figure out how to get "all" this into one box.


Terri said...

I think it is safe to say that Sarah is going to love all of it! So much thought and care went into making these items for her and collecting all the goodies. Fantastic Job Deb!

Helen Anderson said...

Sarah will love everything Deb! Can't wait to see it all on Ustream :).

CraftyHelen x