Saturday, August 27, 2011

More of my Creations!

I've been busy. Working, and "working". I have been making my coffin shadowbox charms and re-cycling old glass bead jewelry into charms necklaces. Each has a swivel clasp that allows you to swap out the charms.
I have been a bit hesitant to post them, wanting to keep a lid on them till I had stocked the local shop(s) I have been selling them at. I haven't had a chance to even list any in my blog shop. Each little "coffin" house a little body or some sweet paper roses. I have made these in three sizes and some have had a black patina on them.
No two chains are alike as I use old pieces that I take apart and put together. Normally I had ball chains for my smaller charms but these little shadowboxes looked to out of place on them. Now I can layer different charms and chains.
I have also made sweet house charms, but I will have to post those another time. Hopefully I will be able to stock my shop next week with some of these!


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi there... I sent you a email with the info you ask for about the snowflakes... I am sure you can find much prettier ones at a larger price but I am on a budget and wanted to change this year and not spend alot... I have used these before in decorating a retail flower shop and they are very pretty in use...and oh so budget friendly...I am off to create a card for my oldest son's coming birthday Thursday... Thanks....

Terri said...

There is just no end to your talent!