Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flea Market and Antique Show

Hanging with my "Gnomies".... Ah, no. I found these vintage Gnome picks for cakes(?) or cupcakes(?) and had to get them. I have two daughters. My eldest Steph has a sort of love/hate thing for gnomes. (With her sister it's squirrels) So I tease her by presenting them to her (when I find them cheap enough) here and there as a gag. She has been really studying hard, and stressed out with going back to school full time and trying to fit her dog rescue work in. I plan to surprise her with "Gnome" cupcakes, and two bottles of her favorite wine from Wolcotts Winery (In Michigan). We came across a fellow selling what had to be the biggest lot of cigar boxes I have ever seen. I picked out six of them. It was hard because they we all so pretty and well made. I love storing my beads and trinkets in them. (I also found some lace and fabric coasters later at the Antique show. I was looking for things to add to a fabric journal I am planning. There were no trims or lace at the flea market). Someone was there selling off an estate. I was lucky to find these item there for a great price. I have another one of those small lady planters in pink. A Goebel/Hummel type box(I do not think its a Hummel? not sure), a painted plate, a Royal Dalton cup and saucer, and a pretty dresser box. Another find was a neat tin cupboard with drawers for storing goodies or maybe trims in.
At the antique show I found this beautiful Madonna Statue (she has glass eyes). I love religious icons, mostly the older ones. She's about 20" tall, has a few chips, looks like a couple small repairs, and is missing her crown, but I love her sweet face. After a little haggling, she came home with us.
The other thing we found was new caster wheels for my dress-form (new "old" ones that is, they look like the type that are already on it), and Steve found a locomotive he really liked. It was a lot of walking but fun and a nice day for it too! Of course I had to pass on my frozen custard I had been looking forward too all week. I had spent my allowance on my treasures. I had a great day with Steve, and I think I covered my walking for the week.


Lollyrot said...

i love the tin cupboard with drawers !!!!!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

ooooooooooooo i want to go shopping with you. except for the gnomes. they scare the snot out of me.

super great finds!!! we have an antique market at the fair grounds one weekend a month during the summer. it's gynormous. bet you'd love it! and you have a place to stay as i'm only 2 miles from the fairgrounds!!!!

hugs :)