Tuesday, July 22, 2008


No, this isn't me....but she is so cute in her little polka-dot witch costume. Had a nice time Saturday at my sister Kim's home in "Snover". Nancy, Terri, Vicky, Kim, and I had our monthly "art" meeting. First though we went to the Mennonite Store and Erla's for sausage and meat (boy was my car stuffed with all manner of goodies to take home). We made (well they made I putzed as usual and my project's are still in pieces waiting) CD clocks and fans, then exchanged our journals (finally). Yeah last month Kim and I were brave and were the only ones to exchange, but this month everyone had to. So I have Vicky's...hmmm what to do. I think Kim liked what I did in hers, she did a lovely job on mine. The hardest part is seeing them briefly then handing them over to someone else right away. Still they will be so cool when they are done. Terri and Nancy (brats) have been working on their covers and doing additional pages. Hey I am lucky I exchanged with Kim or I might have not done anything (like someone else, who's name I won't mention).

P.S. Johnny got a call yesterday from UPS asking him to come in next Monday to get his photo ID. Do you think that means he got the job???? I am afraid to say for sure yet......waiting will be hard.

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