Friday, July 18, 2008

My Latest Slideshow......For Terri G. (because she asked)


Terri said...

Out Standing!! Can you hear me clapping!!! I was especially drawn to the berries and the mums. I just really loved the whole show. This is an Art form you won't be seeing this on many blogs. But I'm sure you'll inspire many when they see your's. What an accurate eye you have. Very classy gifts to have given to friends and family.
My Aunt Carolyn and My Aunt Myrtle both did China painting. There seems to be a certain look to it and yet unique to each artist as it should be. Thank you so much for making the slide show . It was a bright spot in my day. I will visit often to gaze and admire.

My Art Nest said...

These items are absolutely gorgeous! You are truly talented and I admire them all. I love the pink roses, and the blackberry mugs. There are no words to describe how beautiful they all are. Wow!