Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Angers You?

Yeah, I am ready...... I must first give credit to flickr for this image I found there..... Now since this is my "blog" I can get on my little soapbox here and vent, after all I do not have a large following as some bloggers do, but maybe the few of you out there who do read it feel the way I do. I am all about the sharing, and have been fortunate enough to run across some very generous people along the way. I try always to acknowledge a source or where I find something because after all that person was "the one" who gifted me with the fruits of their time and trouble. Am I perfect? No, I honestly have to admit some times I forget where I found something or was so quick to share I have had to "back up" and say thank you after, but when someone points me in a direction ( like when Michelle Ward shared Suzi blu's site with me) I tell people. Where am I going with all of this? I will tell you. A few days ago I came across an item having to do with photography from a site I had been led to by my employer called "" last year. I love their "Demotivators" and have shared them, and their site, with many people. I have even posted a few in a previous blog. (You can even visit Flickr where some clever people have made thier own up).I forwarded this item and the site to this Blogger via e-mail. She has shared many things, recipes, and such (and she does acknowledge where she gets those) so I wanted to share with her (she is a very good photographer). Did I expect kudos's or to see my name in big letters on the page of her blog? No, but I did think she would have dropped me an e-mail saying she found the site fun, etc., something. So I checked my e-mail, nothing. I went to her site where today I see she not only linked to this site but posted many of their items. Hey I do not own it, glad she likes them and all. Yet when I went to the comments and read many of them "thanking her for sharing" it started to annoy me. Petty? Silly? maybe, but perhaps it the feeling of being ignored while someone else enjoys the thanks of others, is just not sitting well with me. (She does mention not having the time to respond to "every" e-mail on her site, well how about just the ones who's info you use?). Hey maybe it is just a wild coincidence? (I thought I might throw that out, but I find it just soooo unlikely ). Just a little disappointed I suppose, well I will consider this a learning experience, and think twice before I do it again.


Terri said...

As you already know why...I feel your disapointment.
Stating the obvious here....Things like benifit of the doubt and sharing will always be good things to do.

Her Art Nest said...

It is so hard to deal with those that we admire, and then let us down. To me, it is a common courtesy to give credit when credit is due. Lesson careful what we are enthusiastic about when sharing with others!