Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Day...

Today Steve went to see our son and to a train show. So I made pie, "five" to be exact. (p.s. Thanks Terri and Chip for taking me to Wolcotts for the apples!)Four traditional apple pies (safely in the freezer), and had just enough dough to make a one crust pie. So I looked through my favorite cookbook ( one of those social collections from women in an area of Michigan, Trenton, I believe) and found a recipe for "Dutch Apple". This one had a sour cream topping. I added some seven grain oatmeal to it, and used brown sugar. It was a big hit here with Steve and Kim! And I finished Nancy's Journal page...(hint: the black fringe and BONUSES)... that's done! Yes I finally got my leaves done for next Saturday's meeting!!!!! THANK GOODNESS they are DONE!! This was a tough one.

1 comment:

Terri said...

Journal,leaves and pie...Oh my!

Tha pie sounds very tasty....the leaves look great! and I'm sure Nancy is crazed by the Journal tease.

Me...I'm going to let you wait to see what I came up for sneak peaks for you. I just hope you like it.