Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Breathe

Ever feel like just walking away? Maybe just going to your room shutting the door and lock out the world, like forever. Lately that's how it has been for me. I am tired, dead to the bone, tired. Not the physical kind, that might be good, but the kind of tired that comes from trying not to let it all get to you. You stop looking forward to the day instead you think, if only I did not have to work, or clean, or cook, worry about my job, his job, her tuition. 
It gets like this at times. Not really depression, just a bone dead tired and a need to withdraw a bit. I am so tired of all the talk on the TV and radio. Stupid News feels the need to crush the last bit of hope from every aspect of people lives, every hour on the hour. I dare you to find a station anywhere that does not dwell on the negativity. Even if you lucky enough to get a "rumor" that someone saw a light at the end of the tunnel, they feel the immediate need to rush in and turn it off.
It is hard, hard to go to a family event without hearing about some poor person who has lost their job, home, or insurance. I am regularly flabbergasted at the response this is all having, instead of compassion and trying to help, companies are raising prices and finding ways to add charges to further bleed the dying. My friend in Tennessee told me that her sister had surgery. When she started getting billed she arranged to make payments. She received a statement saying that if the bill was not paid in full, within 90 days, she would have to pay 18% interest! Of course they never told her this before the surgery, but my god, that's higher than a lot of credit cards. She is off work recuperating with this hanging over her head. They aren't even taking her good credit into consideration.
Prices on barrels of gas have dropped due to less demand, yet the prices just went up .40 this weekend? The post office, cut back workers, is going to do away with Saturday deliveries and then raised it's price .02 per stamp!  All the cuts the Automotive workers have made and the price of a car is still high? You cut a workers pay in half, get deals from suppliers, shareholders, and still expect top dollar? How does this all work, the less you have the more they want?
I still have not heard what "sacrifices" all the top executives have made? We all know the banks are still getting their bonuses, Citibank is getting TARP funds and raising your interest rate? What the heck.
Instead of coming together people are tearing each other apart. They are so busy worrying that their neighbor may have something, and some even seem to relish in another person's  misfortune. Good Lord people, knock it off! 
I recently told my friend Vicky, that I felt that everyone was being pushed to the edge of a cliff, all shoved together trying not to fall, and all they needed was one more shove to send them off into the chasm. That while I cannot excuse the shootings, suicides, and crazy  behavior I can see how some might feel so desperate.  It isn't just me feeling it either, so many people I know have just locked in or backed off.  No one wants to talk, I can't blame them there hasn't been a whole lot of things to say that won't remind you of all the crap going on.
I will be okay but I need to step away, I need to cut back and do a little less for a bit.  Take a breath, and just hope for the best.


Terri said...

I hear what you need to do...know that I'll be here for you.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

I so hear your cry. We have this freakin gov't to thank for it. All the news gets my blood boiling. I even told my hubby.... I've always been a happy person, but lately this gov't is making me very angry. I HATE IT! But you know, GOD love us. We're the good ones. So you just hang in there and if I were there, I'd be holding your hand!

Big hugs my friend,

Deb a.k.a.The Invisible Blogger.... said...

I want you to know how much your understanding and the fact that you do not judge mean, to me. It isn't that I have given up, not by a long shot, but I have not been one to run and hide when things got tough, no matter how much I wanted to. I truly appreciate those who walk and wait patiently beside me, I thank you

Therese said...

Deb, when i am down with life, living situations, things that is happening with me and other people, i think to my self that no matter what the situation is, someone has worst than us and take a deep breath, let out slowly, try and think of something good in my life and cannot change in what is going on out there in this world, just hope that it will be better, it takes time---even though i have been saying this for years and it is not any better but there is hope....take some deep breaths, let it out slowly, think of something good in your life---family, your precious little ones, your friends and your wonderful crafts and your crafty friends who are behind you all the way.............take care -----you did bring me alot smiles when i was down, made a difference in my life when you became my ya therese

Kelley said...

I know how you feel Deb, lately I've felt much the same way. And during times like these I try my best to remember to count my blessings, no matter how small. Often lately I get to #1 okay I'm breathing. and then it takes me awhile to find a number 2. But if ya stick with it you end up surprised at how many you can actually count, even in times like these. I wish you the best and hope things feel better for you soon. p/s I had to give up watching the news for a while. I just can't take anymore negativity right now..wishing you many blessings..Kelley

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hello.. step back from watching the news and going places that will get you involved in it... We are in considerable hard times right now and with all the good we have had we really don't know how to handle what is happening... I have faith that God will provide and even though alot has happened personally to myself also I still have ALOT of very good things in my life ...... Be kind and be gentle and good things will come through.... Alittle toughness can make us become stronger... Take care and be good to yourself...... If the good things seem to be clouded... look really hard... They are still there...even through tears...

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hey Deb...

I totally understand what you are saying. It is hard to turn the tv on and hear the mess outside. Or talk to friends and family that are losing their jobs. It's hard.

I guess that is why we can always count on our blogging friends and be with people that post positive and beautiful posts.

It is uplifting to visit and leave a sweet comment to make someone's day...and it doesn't cost a thing!

I understand, I hear you, and I wish that sometimes we could save the world but we can't. However, we can save ourselves from being pushed off that cliff by staying positive in everything we do.

Just are going to be fine!

everything vintage

Renee said...

Yes Deb just take a rest. A rest from everyone and everything. A rest from a world that clings to hard.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Charlene said...

Amen sister!!!!!!! Negative Negative Negative! Soooooo glad we have blogland full of happy uplifting folks & if they aren't we don't have to hang with them. I always tell my grandsons that "That is why we have the D button. Delete!" Thnaks for entering my Give Away. Hope you win.