Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wedding Dress

Here is my daughter Stephanie trying a wedding dress. My youngest Kimberly (maid of honor) helped get her in and out of them. Kim is my hippie earth child. she is so different than her older sister, but it was so nice seeing them together. Steph is only having Kim and her future sister-in-law stand up. I am happy she asked Kim and her brother John to be in her wedding. (the woman in the blue sweater reflected in the mirror is Stephanie's future Mother-in-law)
Here is Steph trying one of many dresses. I am sorry again for the poor quality of the picture. Not the dress she wants, but we had to see what was available. You cannot tell by this photo but she is a tiny thing and pretty much whatever we found would need altering. You can barely see all the "clips" holding the dress on her in back. She was a good sport about trying on dresses but nothing made her feel like it was "The Dress". So we kept looking.
This is the dress my daughter wants for her wedding. She has been carrying a photo of the dress around for over a year (image below). The fact is we just cannot spend $3000.00+ on a dress. We talked to a local dressmaker who had a similar dress pattern and are having a dress made. It will be very close, but much more affordable. We found the fabric and are looking for the buckles. She is happy to get a dress like she wants and even happier to give work to a local dressmaker.
We did try on a dress similar to this one (image below) at another bridal salon and she was stunning in it. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take a photo of her in the dress. It was so close except for the sash. We almost bought this dress but when we found a dress could be made for her for considerably less, because we won't be paying for alterations. (I was told just hemming this dress would cost $120.00!)
I have to tell you that it pulls on your heart to see your daughter try on dresses. While Steph and her fiance' Pat have been living together for the last couple years, and just bought a home together, it made it real for me. She won't be my little girl anymore, soon she will be Mrs. Marchionda. Life seems to go so slow then suddenly you are there.


Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, so beautiful!
btw, love the Halloween decor here!
Sandra Evertson

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

beautiful daughter - great name (which is mine, too)

i think it's totally criminal to charge that kind of $$$$ for a dress you wear once!!! there should be a law against it.

but i sure hope she finds her dream dress. call david tutera of my fair wedding - LOL.


Jenny S said...

So pretty! Come visit my blog! My sister got married this weekend and there are lots of pics!!

Her Art Nest said...

What a unique dress! I love the whole idea of lovely. Thanks for sharing, Deb. ~Nan

beedeebabee♥ said...

She'll always be your little girl, only now you'll have a little boy too! She's very lovely in all the dresses, but the one she's been carrying around is gorgeous! I'm so glad you found someone who will make it for you! Hugs, Paulette :)

Terri said...

What lovely moments and memories shared and to cherish. She is going to look stunning in the dress of her dreams. I'm happy that you were able to have these moments with your Stephany and Kim.

Did you find the buckles yet? If not I'll keep my eyes peeled...ouch... That kinda hurts.... how about I just see if I can find some.

Pretty Things said...

The blue is lovely and inspired. My "something blue" for my wedding was blue polish on my toes!

MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh what a lovely post, and a beautiful dress!! It must be a little emotional when daughters marry and move on, but try to look at it as not loosing a Daughter but gaining a Son-In-Law. xx

Renee said...

The girls are both amazing.

I love the dress she choose. Beautiful.

Love Renee xoxo