Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Wicked Swap!

It arrived Today!

The last of my Halloween Swaps.....Wicked! My partner Kristen, who recently opened her own Etsy shop, http://crepeconfectionary.etsy.com/ , sent me this very large box. I was in the front room watching "Fearless Vampire Killers", a funny Roman Polanski movie, when it arrived. My three Yorkie's, Bailey, Nuala, and Cookie were sitting with me and were all excited to see what came.

When I opened it up this is what a found....... Isn't this the coolest box to receive a swap in? Seriously she made this huge coffin and now my head is swimming with ideas (I want to make a skelly, or a corpse for it...maybe a corpse bride?)

I opened it to find......... This little box lost it's head in transit (don't worry he pulled himself together later, oop's I have it on backwards, yikes!) Next there were two cute Halloween hangers/ornaments. I do not have a tree but they will be sweet hanging from my mantle won't they? Maybe I should get a tree for them?

I really thought this was so neat. It has a spinner that allows you to countdown the 31 days of October! Bailey could not resist helping me. He loves to open gifts. He is very gentle but loves grabbing a bit of the paper and ripping until its all off. He insisted (constant whining until I let him help) on helping me unwrap my items. The package he unwrapped is a portrait Kristen framed for me. It is a holograph and I love it. I have a picture of it toward the bottom of this post, but need to take a close up of it. It is unfortunate that I did not get a good photo of it. I will try tomorrow when I have more daylight.

Then there was this ..... All right, I love sparkly glitter and these are going to fun to put on my door for the holiday! It says "Beware" "Knock if you Dare".... Here was a little "reading material" that Kristen included for me.... Inside was a Halloween Vignette. There is a clever little witch in a pumpkin patch, perhaps casting a Halloween spell? Ahh fully restored (I am so glad someone has thier head on straight now). This fella stores another surprise..... Yummy little jelly pumpkins! Here it is all together, look the photo of our "instant relative" is here for you to see. See the neat ribbon Kristen made? I will wear it this Halloween, it will look very nice on my orange and black striped shawl I made. Oh and there is also a cute "pumpkin" sucker/wand for me too!

So my Halloween Swaps are complete. Now to decorate with all my new items I have received. Thanks again ladies, Kristen (my wicked partner), Renee (watch my sidebar as I reveal all 13 gifts, one each day), Christine (and my secret trick or treater's, to be continued on the 30th), and Shannon (Sinister and Sweet partner)! Now don't forget to check in each day and look to the right in the sidebar to see what Renee has sent me. There are 13 gifts, one for each day from the 19th to Halloween! Come join me as I unveil each one!


lunardancer said...

You are so lucky to get such a cool Halloween pack in a Halloween swap! I love the coffin shaped bag/container. I am vouching for the skeleton bride to go with it.

Christine Edwards said...

That is a totally Wicked swap! Love, love, love the coffin box...a Corpse Bride would be awesome. And I think that his head came off adds to the sinister nature of the package. Digging your Halloween background too!

Renee said...

how fantastic....


Her Art Nest said...

Really outstanding swap, Deb! That coffin is just too spooktacular! ~Nance

Carrie said...

I am SO jealous. I guess I am going to have to start early next year and look for all these wonderful halloween swaps. I only got to do one! Love your blog!