Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Shower!

Saturday was the daughters wedding shower. She is getting married in March, the thirteenth to be exact. Angie, Pasqual's mother and I had it at a local Italian restaurant. They are friends of the owner and we had it before their regular business hours. The had this at the front door........ Angie, Joann, Rose and many of Pat's (Pasqual) family helped to decorate the tables. Angie and her family made the lovely centerpieces for the table.... The head table was decorated with these candles Angie bought and each table had a mixing bowl with some goodies. Everyone received and apron, dishtowel, and a spatula these were the favors I made up. The person with the wooden handle on their spatula won the centerpiece. A photo of the couple graced the center table.....all was ready. Steph and Pat had a great time. They received such lovely things for their new life together, the food was great (we had a choice of salmon and chicken piccante), "huge" cupcakes for dessert , and the company was wonderful. I will share some photos another time. We took so many. Pat's family was so warm and friendly, making everyone feel welcome and like family. My good friends came, sisters, cousins, and in-laws were there to share in their special day. It won't be long now. Today we went for a dress fitting. It should be ready by next week. I will finish the invitations this week then they will be off. I have to shop for shoes, dress and complete the favors. Time is moving so fast now, hardly time to think or do anything that is not "wedding" related. Which is why I haven't been around to post of late. Soon though, soon it is moving fast, gathering speed and before we know it the day will be here. If this shower is any indication then I am confident the Wedding will be wonderful! Congratulations Stephanie and Pat!


Terri said...

I'll make this short and sweet...Thank you for a lovely time. Lunch was Yummy! and so was the giant cup cake!
Can't wait to decorate the apron!

Her Art Nest said...

A wonderful experience was shared by all! Great shower, beautiful decorations, fabulous food, and good company. I had a great time, Deb. Thanks for everything. Hugs, Nance

Renee said...

What a fun and exciting time. I loved the pictures you've shown it is beautiful and elegant.