Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving... to a new Room!

In my previous post I mentioned that our daughter is going to be attending college in Kalamazoo this year. They were lucky enough to get a place to rent early so they (her and the roommate) had time to find work for the fall. She has a babysitting position for now, but has been scrambling to fill out applications for part-time work while she lives out there. With her blessing I have decided to make her room, which is considerably larger my new craft room. It did not take long for my little 8x10 room to get packed with things. I added a Cricut, an Accucut, and plethora of Sizzix dies and have no where to turn. This move will give me room to have a guest or two over to visit and create! I wanted to paint the room a soft beige, but to my surprise my husband said he thought it would be too boring and liked this light pink when I showed him my second choice.
I have been keeping busy while Steve was painting the bedroom. Even my desk gets a coat or two. I have the floor yet to scrub down and windows to wash. It will be a job. Then I will restore the room I use now, for Kim when she returns. While I wait, I make flowers and finish swap projects. The other batch of flowers went so fast it was like I had been standing still. Time to make more......
Here is another photo of finished flowers. To the left upper corner are the smaller ones and the "new" lollypop flowers!
I hope to have these packaged up and ready for the shop this weekend. I have already sold and sent a few on their way. Spent the last couple days getting them all ready. I even had fun with the paper from the "glimmer" misting and used that to make some metallic looking flowers that are too cool. You can spot them because they look like they have been made from old metal.
These above are the larger flowers. I did mostly spring/summer colors.
I need to get cracking though, if I am going to be in that "new" craft room. It will be a time to purge and reorganize as well. With me luck!

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Terri said...

It's going to be Fabulouso! Ok maybe I didn't spell that right but you get the's going to be great!