Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanks Terri

So today I went to my friend and fellow "enabler" Terri's to pick up some more Sizzix items we had ordered. We got these great big shot rolling cases for a great price, and a few other items, cartridges, stamps and such. I got to see Terri's new Cricut Expressions, very nice (I En-Abel-ed here). She is such a great friend and it is funny how we almost always like the same things.
I could not stay for our usual creative Friday this week. I had to rush home and prepare for a dinner tomorrow. We are celebrating my husbands, and my son-in-laws birthdays! We are also going to Flint to see our son John's band Season's of Eden. Pat's (my son-in-law) birthday is tomorrow and he wanted to go, and heck I enjoy seeing my son do what he loves. The music is good, and I love that we all go together. Even though we are the oldest "groupies" he has, ha ha.
So when I got home I went back to the moving and re-organizing of my craft room. I was supposed to go to my daughters house today, but after a hard, hot day of work my daughter asked if we could just go out to see the new "Sex in the City 2" movie. It was so nice, we had the theater all to ourselves! and the movie was great. I loved the series, and the movie did not disappoint. Steph and I have been die hard Sex in the City fans from the start. We left the theater feeling good and finalizing plans for tomorrows bar-b-que.
So after having dinner with Steve I went back to work on the craft room project. Steve helped me move the big Expidit shelves to the new room, but first I had to empty them. Well anyone who has ever moved anything knows that the mess will get worse before it gets better, right? Oh, and I have managed to make quite the mess. Tired and hot I decided to shower and go to bed. As usual I could not fall asleep so I decided to check my email. There was one from Terri. Did I check the bag with the brown paper in it? Terri had given me some brown packing paper from the orders ( I use them for glimmer misting liners) in a bag that I carefully taken upstairs and set in the mess that I made.
No, I hadn't. So I went to check and what I found made me laugh. See the stamp in the picture below? Look familiar? Ha! I love it. It's the name of my blog, yeah! How cool. I don't know where she found this but it was so nice of her to get this for me. What a great surprise ending to a nice day. Thanks Terri!
Yeah and see all the "stuff" its resting on? Well that's just some of the stuff off that shelf unit.
This moving could take a while.....

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Terri said...

Looking forward to the craft room the mean time I could not resist getting that stamp for you. Not everyone gets to have a stamp that is also the name of the their special is that.
Have a super safe weekend.
Chow for now