Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scraps of My Life Mini Swap

Finished this mini for Scraps of My Life swap. The theme was "Butterflies, Buttons, and Bows". Joyce, the lady I was chosen to make it for likes "purple, or red and black" and gave me shabby chic, or grunge as the style she liked. I had a lot of fun. finding that I had a beautiful black velvet butterfly I went with the grunge, black and red. She also shared that she really (like myself) does not scrapbook but prefers to journal in them.

It's on it's way to her, and I hope she likes it. Now off to finish another for my Friend overseas (it's almost ready to send Sarah!)


peata said...

great little mini book.
toilet roll mini scrapbook comp

Terri said...

This is one of the better swaps I have seen...where everyone really puts a lot of effort into it. I know you did and this book came out wonderfully. All the detail and techniques you did made each page special!
The one you got is really nice too!