Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still moving....

I am still "moving" the craft room. Taking this time to sort and put together things that I am ready to part with. So much I will never have the time to use. I have decided to make up little gatherings of items to sell off. Perhaps there are some bits you have been looking for? Like old photo frames, bits of fabric, jewelry or lace? I have a small, but steadily growing pile to sort and move along. I am also participating in a mini - album swap. I will be making a mini scrapbook/journal for someone. This swap, hosted by Julie (scraps of my life), has a ning group too. She wanted some things for a giveaway for her first swap. I decided to donate two small "mini-bit kit" as I called them. They have some nice chipboard shapes for the cover/pages, some shapes, one of my handmade flowers, some fibers, coin envies, bling, chipboard flourishes, and a tag. Not a complete mini kit but a good start.
This move is taking a while, and these stops to cut chipboard, working, and such are making it seem longer. I am almost there though. Most of the large pieces have been moved. Steve is making me a work table this weekend, it's coming together, just seems to be taking a lot longer than the time it took last February when I did the other room.
Still I am excited because I will now not only have room to create, but one that will also allow me to have friends over too. My other room was nice but too small for more than one person to comfortably work in. Hopefully I won't outgrow this new room as quickly (or at all!) as I did the other. I cannot wait to take photos and show it to all of you.
Well back to work, I have a mess to clean up, a room to finish, and a mini to work on. I had better get busy.

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Terri said...

These Minis are super cute (grin)

Can't wait to break in the Art Room it looks fantastic!!!!