Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tatting along

Yes, finished the bag, although it is small and needs to be pressed (I will post then). Decided to try a doily. The one here is now done and I have actually completed two other small coaster size doilies, and the one above, and a yellow variegated one for my sister. This one and the variegated are 8" doilies.

I am currently working on a variegated fall colored one for another sister. The pattern is from Marilee Rockley called Arches. Starting the final row.

I am also doing a shuttle exchange and just sent out the package. It is on its way to Russia. Since no one really reads my blog I thought I might post the picture here of what I sent:

I have purchased a couple bobbin shuttled from La Cossette on Etsy. They are so pretty. I have been trying my hand at decorating shuttles and even did a few of my own (will post another time). I made one for the exchange but the person I am sending to wanted a post shuttle not a bobbin, and nothing bright or "acid" colored (her words). Soooo off to find a shuttle. Luckily I found the tortoise shuttles and applied a vintage image. A little holographic bling and wa-la. We only had a week to prepare and it was dicey, I would have preferred a few more days for the finish to completely dry to the hard stage, still it turned out quite pretty. Now I am thinking, I may need to do one for myself :)

We were also to send something from where we lived? This was too difficult and I had no time to search out something. Instead I opted to send one of the charm necklaces I make. I also was to send 10 meters of thread (any weight). My swap partner wanted 80w thread, which is very thin so I sent the entire reel. I picked a golden variegated to match the shuttle. I wish I could have found a variegated thread that had gold, mossy green, and rust. That would have been a good match to the shuttle.

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Terri said...

Beautiful work! Glad you decided to post it!